Valorant New Map: Sunset, Offers Unique Exploration Opportunities

02/09/2023 | Valorant’s Sunset map not only provides a competitive environment but also encourages exploration and interaction with its unique features. | Credits: YouTube

Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2 has brought with it the highly anticipated map, Sunset. This new addition to the game stands out from the rest due to its lack of gimmicks and unique exploration opportunities. Unlike other Valorant maps, Sunset allows players to venture beyond the main playable areas, offering a refreshing experience for all.

While Sunset doesn’t feature the extravagant gimmicks seen in other maps, it does have one notable unique feature: a door similar to those in Ascent, located towards the middle of the map. This door can be accessed using the Ghost feature, granting players access to uncharted territories.

Here are five exciting spots that players can explore on Valorant’s latest map, Sunset:

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The Basketball Court

Located next to the Attacker Side Spawn, the Basketball Court offers players a fun and interactive space. Complete with two hoops, a basketball, seats, and graffiti that reads “Shoot Your Shot,” this area allows players to use their throwable utility as a basketball. Abilities like Killjoy’s Nanoswarms and Viper’s Poison Orb can be used to score points.

Sunset: The Skate Park

Found just beyond the walls of A Elbow, the skate park is a dynamic area that players should navigate carefully. While some parts are walkable, venturing too far can lead to an untimely demise. Agents like Jett, Neon, or Raze, who possess movement-based abilities, will have a blast in this area. Keep an eye out for Tactibear and Dan the Penguin performing skateboard tricks.

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Food Trucks

Adding a touch of Los Angeles culture, Sunset features food trucks that players can discover throughout the map. Four food trucks are concentrated in one area, with the possibility of more scattered elsewhere. Some of these trucks even have adorable bunnies inside. Raze players can use their Blast Packs to jump around the trucks and have some lighthearted fun.

Sunset: The Parking Lot

Situated behind the Defender Side Spawn, the Parking Lot offers players a chance to improve their in-game movement skills. With various cars to hop on, players can practice their B hopping and enhance their agility. Mastering movement can help players dodge bullets and stay alive in intense firefights.

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The Portal

This location holds a special place in Valorant lore. Players can visit the spot where a memorable cinematic featuring Gekko and his companion, Wingman, took place. While there may not be much to do here, it’s a touching addition that allows players to connect with the game’s narrative on a deeper level.

Valorant’s Sunset map not only provides a competitive environment but also encourages exploration and interaction with its unique features. As players adapt to the new map, they’ll discover that there’s more to Sunset than meets the eye, making it a valuable addition to Valorant’s map pool.

Explore Sunset, embrace its quirks, and uncover its hidden gems as you enjoy the latest offering from Valorant in Episode 7 Act 2.

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