Valorant Mobile: Initial Impressions from China Closed Beta

Valorant Mobile
21/08/2023 | Valorant Mobile’s closed beta in China provides a promising preview of the game’s transition to mobile platforms. | Credits: Twitter

Valorant, the popular multiplayer tactical-shooter game by Riot Games, is making its way to mobile platforms after its massive success on PC. With the recent release of the closed beta for Valorant Mobile in China, players are getting their first taste of the game on handheld devices. Let’s delve into the initial impressions of this highly anticipated mobile adaptation.

Valorant Mobile Initial Announcement and Gameplay

Since its initial announcement in June 2021, glimpses of gameplay screenshots have been circulating online, generating excitement among fans. More videos have emerged, showcasing tutorials, gameplay, and more. While the gameplay is in Chinese, it hasn’t stopped players from analyzing the mechanics and features. The cinematic trailer for Valorant Mobile echoes the original cinematic from the PC release, introducing the agents and their abilities. The visual quality is impressive and promises a diverse roster of agents, both familiar and new when compared to the PC version’s launch.

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Jett guides players through the tutorial, explaining gunplay mechanics, abilities, and more. The tutorial provides a comprehensive walkthrough, ensuring newcomers understand the game’s basics. The main menu offers short clips explaining each agent’s abilities, a feature not present in the PC version. Players can choose their preferred layout (two-finger or three-finger) and customize buttons in settings.

Gameplay Experience and Concerns

During actual gameplay, Sage assists a new player in understanding spike planting, sites, and weapon purchases. The player takes on the role of Sova, utilizing recon abilities and Owl Drone to scan the map. The abilities appear well-adapted to mobile play, but the challenge lies in managing multiple abilities from different agents simultaneously. The gunplay mechanics have raised concerns among players, as the touchscreen interface doesn’t fully capture the feel of a first-person shooter. The intricate clicking and dragging motions of controllers and mice don’t seamlessly translate to touchscreens. Additionally, the abundance of abilities on-screen can clutter the interface.

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On the positive side, movement mechanics seem decent. Riot Games has emphasized that they won’t release the game until it feels right on mobile devices. Although the game is still in development, the graphics and UI appear sleek and user-friendly. Riot Games has commendably adapted ability mechanics to the mobile format.

Graphics and Skins

Valorant Mobile retains the signature graphics quality of the original, with a simpler and cleaner UI. The game store offers popular skin lines like Elderflame, Blastx, Ruination, and Singularity, enhancing the visual experience. While Valorant Mobile is still a year or two away from a global launch, the closed beta offers a glimpse into the potential of the game. Riot Games is committed to perfecting the mobile adaptation, ensuring that the game meets players’ expectations. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience Valorant on the go, and the game’s development is in capable hands.

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Valorant Mobile’s closed beta in China provides a promising preview of the game’s transition to mobile platforms. While challenges exist, Riot Games’ dedication to optimizing mechanics and gameplay for mobile devices instils confidence in the upcoming global launch. Players can anticipate a meticulously crafted mobile version that captures the essence of Valorant’s tactical gameplay.

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