Valorant Harbour Abilities, Skills, and Tips & Tricks

Valorant Harbour Abilities
28/03/23 / Valorant Harbour Abilities, Skills, and Tips & Tricks / Source: Valorant

Valorant Harbour Abilities: Valorant is a politic first-person shooter game that has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch in June 2020. With each new occasion. The game inventors introduce new agents with unique capacities.

This challenges players to borrow new strategies and gameplay styles. Occasion 5 Act 3 saw the preface of the Indian agent, Harbor, who has snappily come an addict fave due to his protean smoking capacities.

About Valorant Harbour Abilities

Harbor is a Controller agent. This means that his capacities revolve around controlling the battleground. Also useful for, gumming the adversary’s vision. His tackle includes a bank grenade called Bank Screen, a wall of smokes called retired Path, and a stim lamp called Flashpoint.

The Bank Screen is a traditional bank grenade that can use to block off chokepoints. Obscure vision, and give cover for the attacking platoon to plant the shaft.

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Still, what sets Harbor piecemeal from other smokers like Brimstone and Omen is that. His Bank Screen doesn’t last as long, and players have to be more active in using it. This means that players have to be quick and precise with their placement and timing of the Bank Screen to achieve the most effectiveness.

Harbor’s alternate capability, Hidden Path, is a wall of smoke that can placed at a distance. This capability is perfect for blocking off long sightlines, creating fakeouts, and enabling sides. also, Harbor’s wall of a bank doesn’t vanish after a set duration, making it a more dependable tool for area denial.
Eventually, Harbor’s Flashpoint capability is a stim lamp that can use to give a temporary boost in fire rate and reload speed to teammates. This capability is particularly useful for players who want to hold down a specific area. Because it can give them a significant advantage in gunfights.

Harbor’s tackle is mostly designed to be protean and flexible. Allowing players to use their capacities in colorful ways to fit their playstyle.

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For illustration, players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Can use Harbor’s Bank Screen to push into the adversary homes and produce chaos. While players who prefer a further unresistant playstyle. Can use Harbor’s retired Path to hold down a specific area and give cover for their platoon.


Harbor is an instigative addition to Valorant’s agent pool. His protean smoking capacities give players new openings to control the battleground. While he may bear a more active playstyle than other smokers, players who master his tackle will really find him to be a precious asset to any team.

However, give Harbor a pass in your coming Valorant game, and see how he can help you dominate the competition If you have not formerly.

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