Valorant Black Market: New Bundles, Skins, Price and More

Valorant Black Market
11/04/2023/ Valorant Black Market / Credits – Valorant Wiki

A new package is set to be released in the VALORANT marketplace, and it definitely does appear recognizable to veteran players who may or may not have played a specific tactical FPS before, during, or after playing VALORANT.

The community immediately compared the skins to the classic Counter-Strike weaponry from which many of VALORANT’s weapons take influence when Riot revealed the Black Market package on April 10.

Valorant Black Market

The “Butterfly Knife Melee” and skins for the Bulldog, Vandal, Marshal, and Classic are included in the Black Market package.

Depending on whose side you’re on during a match, the Black Market skins will each have a different color scheme and subtle design variations and have “unique Defender and Attacker appearances.”

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Although the Valorant Black Market bundle’s official pricing hasn’t been announced yet, based on past bundles, we may predict that the bundle will total between 5,100 or 7,100 VALORANT Points (VP). Players should be able to buy certain products from it, just as with other bundles, but they will “save” the most if they buy the whole thing.

Valorant Black Market Bundle Skins

The first of its type in Valorant, the Black Market package offers two distinct variations depending on whose side you support. It implies that in a game, the variation you will have on the defensive side and the attacking side will differ. The gun skins it will bring are listed below:

  • Black Market Bulldog
  • Black Market Vandal
  • Black Market Marshal
  • Black Market Classic
  • Black Market Butterfly Knife
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A playercard, spray, and gun buddy will also be included in the package; however, these items have not yet been made public. When new information becomes available, we’ll update this page, so be sure to check back often.

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