Valorant Bind Map Guide: Callouts, Tips, and Tricks

Valorant bind map
14/11/2022 | Bind is one of the oldest maps in Valorant and players love playing in this map. | Credits: YouTube

In a recreation like VALORANT, lots like its religious predecessor CS: GO, the war of assault vs. protection generally favors the protective side. Sites, in general, are less complicated to maintain than they are to attack, as attacking normally requires greater coordination between teammates.

To make up for this, some maps have a gimmick that favors the attacking side. These consist of the closeable doorways on Ascent, the 3rd site to pick out from on Haven, and in the case of Bind, the portals. The portals supply the attacking facet a probability to pivot and rapidly alternate which site they prefer to attack, with the choice to seize the defenders off guard.

But each attacker and defenders want to be well-versed in all of the callouts on Bind, no longer simply the portals. So, hereโ€™s complete information on all the callouts on Bind, the precise callouts for every site, and how to strategy every site on protection and offense.

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Bind A Site Callouts, Strats, and Tips

Valorant Bind Map A Site
14/11/2022 | Valorant Bind Map A Site | Credits: Valorant

Here are the fundamental callout areas you must be conscious of on the Bind A site. Like on different maps, most wood or inexperienced surfaces are spammable, so a defender at Heaven may want to cease a plant going down at Triple. There are, however, a few different spots on A you have to be conscious of:

The double field is the stack of two bins you can simply see a small section to the left of Portal in the image above. The bench is in the on-the-spot right-side nook when you stroll onto A site from Showers. Itโ€™s in the back of you in the picture above. Pipes are the decreased entrance to A from the defender spawn. Itโ€™s at the back of Triple in the picture above. On the attacking side, a frequent strat is to smoke off Heaven, then use partitions to reduce everybody pushing via U-hall from Lamps. You can put up one participant in Showers to push out and trap the defenders observing A important off guard.

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On defense, you prefer to use both aggressive positioning or recon capabilities to forestall the attackers from getting previous Portal besides a fight. If they do, then they can both take manipulation of the site from a nearer spot, or pivot to B and attain the site earlier than you and your teammates on A can rotate.

Bind B Site Callouts, Strats, and Tips

Valorant Bind B Site
14/11/2022 | Valorant Bind B Site | Credits: Valorant

Here are the fundamental callout areas you must comprehend on the Bind B site. The solely different spot you must want to understand is the Cubby thatโ€™s to the left of the Container in the image above.

When attacking B, use smokes to choke off the door in the again of the site as properly as Elbow. Then use recon or injury competencies to pressure conceivable enemies out of hiding spots like the bins in Hookah, the container to Hookah, at the back of the Container, after the nook Pallet, or in the Cubby.

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For defense, simply like on the A site, you ought to use competencies to stop the attackers from getting all the way up into Garden. Using smokes or recon competencies to quit them from going previous the Portal on B Long is generally your fantastic bet.

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