Valorant Battlepass Leaks of Act 2 Episode 3

The new episode is going to start soon and here are all the leaks about the upcoming skins in Valorant.

Valorant Battlepass Leaks
Skins in Valorant

Valorant Battlepass Leaks: The new Act in the game is all set to arrive in the coming next weeks. As usual, with the new Act, the developers will be introducing new things in Map like new maps, or a new agent, or some nerf to agents in Valorant. However, the arrival of a new battle pass is to be sure. So, what are the new skins, we’re going to get, and when it will release?

Here are all the details about the upcoming battle pass of Act 2.

Valorant Battlepass Leaks: All You Need To Know

Valorant Battlepass Leaks new maps, new agent
Leaks of upcoming skins

The last battle pass is almost over and most of the players have unlocked all the rewards till now. Furthermore, the battle pass of this episode was loved by all as there were some cool skins in it. The vandal skin, Bulldog skin including the operator. Players found it worth buying the battle pass of this season.

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As of now, there are no such leaks from the officials or any streamers about the upcoming Valorant battle pass. However, there is one skin that was leaked previously. It is said that the game is going to get a skin in collaboration with Zedd. Moreover, there has been only one skin leaked as of now, so we can assume that it might be one of the skins from the battle pass. Or else, there will be a bundle of skins.

Release Date and Price

The new episode will drop on 8th September. Furthermore, players will be surely getting an early glimpse from the leakers of the game or streamers. In the previous season, Valorant provided some specific ID to famous streamers to give an early glimpse of updates or the skins of battle pass. So, we can expect the same this season.

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The complete list of Valorant skins which will be present in the battle pass will be released in the upcoming few days. Moreover, the price is expected to be the same which is 1000 Valorant points. So, in order to upgrade your battle pass players will need Valorant points.

Other Valorant Leaks: Maps, Agents

With the new episode arriving soon, it is expected that we might witness a new agent in the game. Developers gave a hint about this agent earlier on the YR1 celebration stream. Furthermore, it is not officially announced, but we can expect the arrival of the Deadeye agent in the game. 

Apart from the battle pass and new agent in Valorant, we might expect to drop of a new map in the same episode.

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