Valorant Concurrent Players: Know The Numbers Here

Here is a detailed article about the numbers of concurrent players on Valorant.

Valorant Concurrent Players
Raze agent in Valorant

Valorant Concurrent Players: Riot’s Valorant was launched in 2020 and it saw rapid growth since its launch. Moreover, the game crossed the 3 million mark during the beta version of the game. Now, the game is one of the most played games on the internet along with gaining massive views on Twitch.

So, here are all the details about the number of valorant concurrent players including.

Valorant Concurrent Players: All You Need To Know

Valorant Concurrent Players
Astra And Cypher in Valorant

The number of active players in the game saw rapid growth since its launch. Moreover, the growth crossed the 15 million mark in the month of August 2020 and September 2020. Furthermore, the game has active players of around 500k on the daily basis. In the month of July, the game saw the peak of 1 million average daily users in Valorant.

Recently, the game marked one year of launch. The game announced that on average there are more than 14 million active players monthly in the game. So, we can say that Valorant has seen a good number since its launch and the concurrent players are more than expected.

So, here is a chart showing the number of active players in Valorant.

Month Average Monthly Players Monthly Gain / Loss Monthly Gain / Loss % Active Players Daily
Last 30 Days 13,569,985 -1,331,162 -9% 904,666
July 30, 2021 14,901,147 552,172 4% 1,019,552
June 30, 2021 14,348,975 138,638 1% 956,598
May 30, 2021 14,210,337 414,221 3% 710,517
April 30, 2021 13,796,116 270,512 2% 735,793


As of now, there are around 800k active players in Valorant. The developers are working to increase the numbers by organizing tournaments and reaching the audience. The developers which are Riot will be satisfied with the number of concurrent players as the game is only one year old.

Comparison with CS: GO

When Valorant was launched it was heavily compared with CS: GO. However, the game mechanics was almost the same but is upgraded. Most of the pro players shifted to Valorant to make a new career. However, many of them succeeded. As a report, 60% of the Valorant professional players were CS: GO players in the past.

Coming to the comparison of concurrent players of Valorant with CS: GO both the games have no match. Valorant is only one year old and CS: GO has a huge fan, as the game is 8-9 years old.

CS GO has over 26 million active players currently. Comparing this to Valorant, there is a difference of more than 12 million users.

Valorant concurrent players country wise:

United States: 22.53%

Brazil: 6.72%

Turkey: 6.22%


Indonesia: 4.00%

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