Valorant Battle Pass Calculator: Guide on How to Use

Valorant Battle Pass Calculator
12/12/2022 | Everyone wants to complete their battle pass as soon as possible and redeem all rewards. So, we have Battle Pass calculator for you. | Credits: Twitter

Episode 5 Act 3 is coming to an end, and some players are worried about their battle pass. Moreover, to unlock your battle pass rewards, you need to spend time on the game to gain XP points. XP points can be gained by completing the weekly and daily missions. So we are here to tell exactly how the Valorant Battle pass calculator works.

So, here are all the details about the battle pass and how to complete it on time.

What Is Valorant Battle Pass Calculator?

Valorant battle pass has 50 tiers which players need to complete to claim their rewards. Moreover, each reward can be unlocked by gaining a specific amount of experience points or XP points. Furthermore, there are several methods to gain these XP points.

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The first one is playing matches. Moreover, matches give you XP points. In case you win matches, you will gain extra XP points. Also, you can gain XP points by completing daily missions. These daily missions are provided by Valorant every 24 hr. Weekly missions give the most amount of daily missions. But, what is the use of the battle pass calculator in Valorant then?

The weekly missions are not constant. The XP points increase as you move further in the weeks. For example, if you have completed the first weekly mission it will give you 10k XP points for each mission. But in the last week, the missions might give you 23k XP points each.

It is being said that to complete the 50 levels of battle pass 1,372,000 XP is required, meaning a total of 171,500 XP every week which is too much. To help to analyze these numbers easily, the Valorant battle pass calculator comes into use. Moreover, there are several websites available that will give you data about the time required to complete your missions.

How To Use?

Players can simply visit some of the Valorant battle pass calculator websites and provide them with the data requires. However, make sure you’re not giving away your IDs and password. Here are the details requires to calculate the time for completion of the Battle pass:

  • Battle pass current tier
  • XP to Go
  • Tier Goal
  • Starting Date And End Date
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The valorant battle pass calculator will simply show you, how much XP is required and how many games you need to play after completing your weekly and daily missions. The new battle pass might arrive in the first week of November.

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