Valorant 3.06 Agents Nerfs And Buffs: Jett, Skye And KAYO

Valorant 3.05 changes
Know about nerfs and buffs made in Valorant

Riot is up with the new version of Valorant that is 3.06 where a lot of changes have been made including the nerfs and buffs of Agents. Moreover, important agents like Jett, Skye, and KAYO will see changes in their abilities after the Valorant 3.06 update.

So, here are all the details about the new changes in the agent of Valorant.

Valorant 3.06 Agents Changes: Jett and Skye Nerfed

Valorant Jett Changes
Jett, Skye, and KAYO abilities will be a little different now

Jett and Skye are two of the most important agents of the game. However, KAYO has not made much impact since its launch, but the buffs can make him a good one now. Jett is one of the favorite agents for all the players, especially for solo queue players. Coming to the Skye, some players love it and some consider him as the most annoying agent of the game.

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Valorant 3.06 Agents Changes: Jett

Jett is one of the most aggressive agents in Valorant. Furthermore, he has the ability to pick up early kills and getaways. Now, she is going to be one of the victims of VAlorant 3.06 changes made to agents.

After the update, Jett will have only two cloudbursts instead of 3. Jett’s cloudburst remains there for the least amount of time. However, it is effective because it was more in numbers. Surely, it will be a concern for Jett mains now.

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Other than the cloud burst, there have been huge changes made in her ultimate. Earlier, the blade storm used to get automatically charged after getting kill by it. But now, there will be no charge of blade storm if gets the kill with the right-click. It is one of the highlights of the nerfs and buffs of the Valorant 3.06 update. Also, the damage of the right click has been now reduced.

Changes in Skye

Most of the players feel Skye is an annoying agent due to its flash. In the previous update, Skye was nerfed as her guiding light was reduced to 2 instead of 3. Now, the un equip time and the windup time are getting increased.

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Also, it will need seven points to charge her ultimate ability instead of six.

Apart from this Yoru will also be getting a Butterfly Knife and you know more about it here.

KAYO Buffs

Valorant 3.05 Agents
Agent KAYO Makes enemy powerless

Kayo can be one of the agents which will see more after the Valorant 3.06 update. Furthermore, the flash timing of the agent is now reduced and the sound is also removed.

KAY/O’s ultimate ability no longer stops pulsing if he is downed. This will increase the value of the agent after the update.

To know more about the update, watch this video.

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