Fracture Map Removed From Valorant Competitive

Know why Riot removed the Fracture map from Valorant's competitive mode after few hours of launch.

Fracture Map Valorant
The new Map Fracture

Fracture Map Valorant: The new update of Valorant is now live which adds the new map in competitive modes. Moreover, players were waiting to play fracture in competitive mode to increase their Elo and rank up. But as of now, Fracture is now removed from Valorant competitive mode due to a bug. Know about the issue in detail here.

Fracture Map Valorant: Know What Is The Bug

Fracture Map Valorant
The map is a combination of grass and sand.

Valorant added this new map in the previous update when the new Episode was launched. Furthermore, the map is the seventh map of the game and is different from the rest. Fracture allows the defenders to be in an attacking position which makes the map unique from other maps.

However, the map was in a testing period and it was only available in unrated matches. In unrated matches, players were only able to play the game, complete missions, and know more about it. However, playing competitive is very much different.

So, Valorant added the map fracture into competitive after 3.06. After just a few hours of adding the map to the competition, they were forced to remove it and the reason behind it was a bug.

Valorant players on the offensive side reported a bug on Fracture. They were not able to pick up the spike which forced them to play aggressively. As we all know that attackers need to pick up the spike and plant in the base site. But, it will be a tough task to win the round without even picking up the spike.

Considering the bug on the new map, Valorant removed it temporarily.

Fracture Bug
Jett gameplay on Fracture

Valorant’ Take on The Bug

The developers of the game came on social sites and claimed that they have received the reports of players. Also, they are trying to fix the bug which results in the spike spawn beneath the map in Fracture of Valorant.

It seems like the map will be absent from the competitive mode of Valorant for the next 24 hours. However, Riot usually doesn’t take a long time to fix these kinds of bugs. So, we can expect that it will be fixed soon.

There are a total of 7 seven maps now in the game. Breeze was the last addition as a map into Valorant followed by Fracture.

After the fixing, we might get a small update that will fix the Fracture map bug in Valorant.

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