Top four teams qualify for Free Fire World Series(FFWS)

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26/11/2022/Top four teams qualified for finals which is going to be held at Bangkok/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

The top four teams qualified for the Grand Finals of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok after the Play-Ins concluded. With 110 and 107 points, respectively, Magic Squad and Evos Phoenix took the top two positions. With 103 points, Naguara was in third place, followed by RRQ Kazu. Expand managed to win two Booyahs but was only able to advance to the Grand Finals by two points. Hotshot put up excellent resistance as well but fell short of the top four. The worst five teams from the FFWS 2022 were eliminated.

With 12 kills and outstanding execution in the first game, Indonesia’s RRQ Kazu won the Booyah. Brazilian team Magic Squad also played well, winning with 10 kills to Team Flash’s nine. RRQ’s Legaeloth won the award for game MVP.

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Free Fire World Series-Play ins

Thanks to two of Fast’s contributions, Expand from Malaysia was well-positioned to win the second match with a commanding 16-kill victory. But Magic Squad once more displayed exceptional talent and scored 16 points, including 8 kills. Each team from Team Flash, Naguara, Magic, and Hotshot received ten points. Additionally, Evos Moshi won the MVP award in the third game.

In the fourth game, the Pakistani team Hotshot put on an amazing performance to win with nine kills. With seven and five frags, respectively, Naguara and Magic Squad took second and third place in the competition. RRQ and Evos each scored eight points, and LGDS was promptly eliminated. After the game, Anas69 won MVP with five eliminations.

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With 11 eliminations, Cobra led Expand to win the second Booyah, which helped them move up the overall standings. LGDS, on the other hand, had just 23 points after five games.

The sixth match was switched to, and Naguara won with five kills. But despite having nine eliminations, Evos Phoenix came in second in the match rankings. RRQ Kazu, Magic Squad, and Expand all scored 16 points while Expand was abruptly ousted from the game.


Evos Phoenix won the seventh game of the Free Fire World Series Play-Ins with just one kill. Maxii was defeated by their star player TheCruz to seal the victory. Naguara put on another outstanding effort, earning 22 points, including 13 eliminations.

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With yet another outstanding performance in the final Play-Ins game, Evos Phoenix added a third Booyaah to their name. While this was going on, Expand and RRQ scored 17 and 16, respectively.

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