Top 5 Valorant Streamers Who are also Esports Player

Here is a list of five streamers who are pro or ex-pro players in the game. The list is based on viewers' support and their regularity on stream.

Top 5 Valorant Streamers who are Esports Player
Top 5 Valorant Streamers who are also Esports player

It is not easy for any professional player to stream and entertain the audience along with giving a good performance in the main matches. Therefore, here is a list of Top 5 Valorant Streamers Who are also Esports Player. The list is based on how regular they are on stream and their unique way to engage the audience.

1. 8bit Binks

Top 5 Streamer
8bit Binks

When it comes to Valorant streaming, Binks is a favourite for many. In the last chart of Top 5 Valorant streamers, he was not included because he is an esports player.

Additionally, he is one of the funniest guys in the gaming community who will make you laugh with his game and humor. It is very rare that an esports player creates humour out of the game in which he is supposed to be serious. Also not to forget, he is the IGL of his team.

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Channel name- 8bit Binks69 

Stream Timing- 3 PM-6 PM or 8 PM to 11 PM( Depends on his matches)

Team- S8UL

Favourite Agent- Raze

2.Sk Rossi

Top 5 streamers who are Esports Player
SK Rossi plays for Global esports

The professional scene of Valorant is dominated by Global Esports in India and the reason is Sk Rossi. Rossi is one of the finest players in the game and his Jett moves make the audience go wow.

Furthermore, Rossi streams regularly and tries to be among the audience. Apart from his streams, he never forgets to grab kills in the matches. Therefore, these things make him to feature in the list of Top 5 Valorant Streamers who are pro.

Channel Name- SkRossi

Stream Timing- 2 PM- 8 PM

Team- Global Esports

Favourite agent- Jett

3.Ankit Panth

Venom is an ex Esports Player
One of the most respected people in the community

Ankit Panth a.k.a Venom is the man who is trying his best to make gaming a trusted sector in India. He is an ex- CS: GO player and currently works on spreading awareness about gaming.

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Furthermore, Venom is the first Indian to become a Red Bull athlete. His main focus now is to give proper information to everyone including parents about gaming in India. Venom is surely one of the Top 5 Valorant streamers who are professionals at the game.

Channel Name- Ankit Panth

Stream Timing- 1 PM -5 PM

Team- No one

Famous agent- Reyna


Top 5 valorant streamer who are Esports Player
PSY the Sniper

Simar Sethi a.k.a PSY is an ex CS: GO player and is one of the players who switched to Pro Valorant in the initial days. Additionally, he was a regular streamer from the early valorant days and was the content creator for Team Velocity.

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Moreover, PSY was very famous for his AWP shots in CS: GO and therefore, he continued it in Valorant. He entertains the audience on stream with his crazy shots and clutches.

Channel Name- Psy Gaming

Stream Timing- 5 PM- 9 PM

Team- Samurai Esports

Favourite agent- Jett, Killjoy

5. Meow16k

Meow is an ex Esports Player

Saloni Pawar a.k.a Meow is a girl gamer who used to play CS: GO professionally for Global Esports. Afterward, she switched to Valorant and currently is a streamer who entertains the audience.

Apart from showing her skills, he also reacts to montages and plays custom games as a content creator.

Channel Name- Meow16K

Timing- 3 PM -9 PM

Team- Currently, plays for no one

Favorite agent- Jett

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