Top 5 Valorant Streamers in India to Watch for

Here is a list of streamers you can watch play Valorant. The list contains players who are not professionals.

Top 5 Valorant Streamers in India
Valorant Streamers in India

Top 5 Valorant Streamers in India: Valorant is now one of the most favorite games to stream by any streamer. After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, the game saw a rise in its watching, and the PC gaming streamers got recognization. So, Here is a list of the top 5 Valorant Streamers in India to Watch for. Note: The list consists of players who are not professional players.

Why Streamers Mostly Play Valorant?

The 5vs5 fps game catches the attention of the audience, and streamers utilize it to entertain them. The game doesn’t require a high specification of PC to play. So, the audience also relates the game and starts playing the game.

The game made an instant arrival in the hearts of the audience after the game of PUBG Mobile in India. Every other streamer started to stream Valorant because it was a new game similar to CS: GO. 

Top 5 Valorant Streamers in India:

There are many streamers on the list who are not very good at the game but are actual entertainers. So, let’s have a look at the list of streamers.


Top Valorant Streamers in India: Manan Arora a.k.a as Solo
Top Valorant Streamers in India: Manan Arora a.k.a as Solo

Manan Arora a.k.a as Solo is famous for his radiant rank push in Valorant. He started 2 years ago with PUBG Mobile and quickly switched to CS: GO.

As he got attention when he came into the Valorant scene and reached Radiant which is the highest tier of the game 5 times in one single Act. Moreover, he is good with his skills and has shown his interest in joining e-sports

Youtube Channel: Solo

Stream Timing: 7 PM-12 AM (Mostly Varies)

Famous For- Rank Push

Favorite agent- Jett, Sova, Raze


Top Valorant Streamers in India: Tbone
Top Valorant Streamers in India: Tbone

Shobith ‘TbOne’ Rai started his Youtube journey 3 years ago where he played CS: Go and PUBG PC. He is not a very good player when it comes to skills but has a great sense of humor to entertain the audience.

His ability to make the audience laugh is one thing that separates him from others. Above all, he plays other games like GTA V and COD Warzone but his main priority is to stream Valorant. He is currently the content creator of Samurai E-sports.

Youtube Channel: Tbone

Stream timing: 11 PM- 3 AM ( Sometimes he streams in the morning also)

Famous For– Humor

Favorite agent– Cypher


Top 5 Valorant Streamers in India

A girl gamer Saloni who had come a long way from playing PUBG mobile tournaments in initial days to joining 8-bit Creatives. In addition, she is a very good entertainer who keeps the audience in a good mood.

Youtube Channel: Mili Kya Mili

Stream Timing– 6 PM- 11 PM

Famous for– Entertainment

Favorite agent– Omen

4. Zishu


Sohail a.k.a Zishu started his Youtube journey 2 years back with CS: GO and PUBG PC Streams. His montages and Raze movements make the audience go wow. Moreover, he plays the game with all his effort and always interacts with the chats.

Youtube Channel: Zishu

Stream Timing– 2 PM- 6 PM

Famous for -Gaming skills

Favorite agent– Raze

5. Fa2


Amit ‘fa2’ is a player blessed with skills and humor which makes him one of the very finest streamers of the community. His in-game bond with Tbone gives the audience no other option than laugh. Therefore, he is currently the content creator of the famous Team Mahi.

Youtube name: FA2

Stream Timing: 7 PM- 2 AM

Famous for- Entertainment, Humour

Favorite agent- Jett

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Pritam Priyedarshi
Pritam Priyedarshi
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