Top 5 Games Like Call of Duty in Roblox You Must Try

Roblox Call of Duty
22/11/2022 | Looking to enjoy Call of Duty as well as Roblox at the same time? Here we are with similar games as Call of Duty in Roblox. | Credits: Reddit

For years, the severely acclaimed Call of Duty has been the face of the FPS genre. Almost every gamer has heard of and performed the well-known COD series. Roblox has picked up on the style and numerous video games primarily based on the legendary COD franchise have been launched in the metaverse. Few have stood out from the crowd thanks to their progressive and sophisticated gameplay. These video games supply gamers with a genuine motion-packed FPS shooter.

1) Big Paintball!

The good FPS recreation in the metaverse – Roblox Big Paintball! In the world of Big Paintball, gamers will have a full motion ride as nicely as a precise time! Gamers will be divided into two groups and will be tasked with removing every other. Players have to get admission to a range of paintball guns. Gamers can additionally have kill streaks and take part in several recreation modes.

Notable features:

  • Polished texture
  • Different types of cards
  • Interactive daily quests that offer credits (in-game currency)
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Players can additionally take part in aggressive mode and climb up the server’s world leaderboard. Roblox Big Paintball! is a must-play for COD fans.

2) Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 (BRM5) is a superb taking pictures sport on the Roblox platform. The BRM5 is the nonsecular successor to the Blackhawk Rescue Mission franchise created via Platinum Five. The motion takes location in a brutal warfare quarter the place gamers ought to battle for their lives in opposition to adversarial NPCs. Players can additionally power army motors and search for assistance from friendly NPCs. The interactive gameplay points of BRM5 have been nicely acquired by using the community.

Notable features:

  • Quest based gameplay
  • A large number of in-game tools such as weapons, vehicles, combat gear, and more
  • Character customization

Players can also participate in PVP recreation modes and have an unforgettable ride with different gamers and pals on a non-public server.

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3) Arsenal

Many gamers of the metaverse name Arsenal Roblox Call of Duty. This is due to the fact the gameplay of the sport is comparable to that of Call of Duty. Gamers can customize their gameplay with various weapons, gear, skins, and taunts. In addition, game enthusiasts can revel in several recreation modes whilst chatting with their friends.

Notable features:

  • In-game interactive tools have distinctive environmental effects
  • Maps with unique blueprints
  • Special in-game events are pretty regular

Arsenal’s PvP Modes Can Remind Players of COD’s Iconic Multiplayer Mode and GameplayTeam Fortress 2.

4) Recoil

Roblox Recoil is designed to furnish gamers with fast-paced FPS gameplay. Recoil is divided into two teams: TRF and Insurgents. To win, gamers are assigned to one of these groups and should defeat the opposing team. Recoil provides an extensive range of weapons, armor, and different items. Gamers can personalize their favorite rifles to their liking. They can additionally take phase-in challenges to earn more in-game cash and experience, permitting them to stage up faster.

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Notable features:

  • Weapon customization gives users plenty of options to choose from
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Battlepass and regular updates

5) Bad business

Roblox Bad Business is a hidden gem of the metaverse. Players are divided into two agencies and need to take away the opposing team. The gameplay of Bad Business is primarily based on strategic selections and the potential to shoot accurately. The title additionally affords a range of fixtures and cosmetics for its community. Players can additionally earn credit (in-game money) and use them to buy gadgets, skins, and weapons.

Notable features:

  • Different types of cards
  • Amulets can be purchased and added to players’ weapons
  • Kills rewards players with experience points

So enjoy your Call of Duty feels while playing Roblox. Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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