How to Get Color Splash Cannon for Free in Roblox

Get Color Splash Cannon for Free in Roblox
07/03/2023/ Get Color Splash Cannon for Free in Roblox / Credits – Roblox

In honour of Holi, one of the most well-known holidays in India, Roblox has published a second item. It has the same name as the well-known toy that was used to play with coloured water at the time and looks similar.

This is a product made by the Roblox team. The Roblox Color Splash Cannon is an exception to their usual practice of posting these festive goods for free. The avatar back item costs 40 Robux to purchase.

Sadly, there is no purchasing window established by the makers for this product. They did note that the item is only available for a short time. As this is a bought item, things could change from the norm since festive products typically come after the conclusion of the festival time.

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Get Color Splash Cannon for Free in Roblox

The item will no longer be available for purchase once it vanishes. Afterwards, they might have to exchange it for something worth more. The item may now be purchased by players and saved to their accounts.

You may acquire the Color Splash Cannon by following these simple steps:

  • Launch the Google Chrome webpage or the Roblox desktop program.
  • There is no need to log in if you are using the app.
  • With your unique login and password, you must access the website.
  • Choose the Avatar Shop link at the top of the screen after logging in. The home page of the Avatar store ought to be accessible at this point.
  • Scroll down to the filters on the left side of the screen. Choose the radio option next to the checkbox for All Creators. Start by typing “Roblox” and clicking the Go button.
  • Next, select the “Recently Created” option from the Sorts section on the same side of the page.
  • The first several rows should have Color Splash Cannon in them, and you should see a diverse selection of products.
  • Click on the image to go to the item’s home page.
  • Choose the “Try On” option to see how the item will look on your avatar before you buy it. It is possible to switch between 2D and 3D perspectives.
  • After you’re satisfied, click the green “Buy” button to pay for it using Robux. As was already mentioned, the item costs 40 Robux.
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