Team Skull Pokemon Go: How to Get New Items for Free!

Team Skull Pokemon Go: How to Get New Items for Free!
Team Skull Pokemon Go: How to Get New Items for Free!

Pokemon Go is going towards the Easter season and many new feature updates. As we know, the new update comes with new rewards, events, and many in-game items. In this blog post, you will read about the latest in-game items and Team Skull in Pokemon Go. If you don’t know then they are part of the latest Egg Event. 

Events in Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know!

Currently, the Egg Event is running in the Pokemon game where you can obtain free in-game items. If you haven’t checked that event yet then you can read our guide. In this event, players need to complete daily missions and collect Eggs. After that, you can exchange these eggs for many in-game exclusive items. 

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Another Team Skull in Pokemon Go in Pokemon Go game is the Ula’ula event where you need to complete research and obtain rewards. This event contains four different groups and each group contains a different set of challenges. The best part about this Ula’ula event is that you don’t need to do anything extra and special. If you need more tips to complete this adventure research task then you must read out articles on Pokemon Go. 

Last but not least, the latest event in the game is about Team Skull where you get free items. Yes, these are exclusive items but if you use your mind then you can obtain them for free of cost. As part of the Alola region, Pokemon Go is coming up with new Alola region characters, pokemon, and in-game items. If you also want to get these exclusive items for free like other pokemon players then keep reading this blog. 

How to Get Free Team Skull Items in Pokemon Go?

First, Team Skull is the main antagonist of the Alola region and also in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Furthermore, from the start of March 2022, Pokemon Go will begin its journey to the Alola region. Expect the Alola region, Pokemon is going to introduce many new pokemon, characters, and in-game items. 

Well, if you want to get the Team Skull exclusive items then you can get them for free. First, open your shop and go to the cloth section where you will find the Team Skull outfit. Yes, many players still don’t know that the Team Skull items are now available in the store. 

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So, what about money and how to get them for free in Pokemon Go? As we know, you can easily earn money in Pokemon Go by Gym capture and many other things. The cost of the Team Skull items is not more than 100 Poke Coins. 

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