Stufful Community Day: Trip to Hawaii to Celebrate Season of Alola!

Stufful Community Day: Trip to Hawaii to Celebrate Season of Alola!
Stufful Community Day: Trip to Hawaii to Celebrate Season of Alola!

Pokemon Go is a game of events where multiple events are running in the game. In addition to all these Evans Niantic (creator of Pokemon Go) announced a giveaway for pokemon players. In this blog post, you will read all details regarding the Stufful Community Day in Pokemon Go. Like the process to join, rules of the giveaway, and rewards of this giveaway. 

The reason behind all these events is the introduction of new regions in Pokemon Go. Yes, it’s the season of Alola and a new opportunity to get thousands of XP, Stardust, and new pokemon. If you haven’t learned about this in the game then don’t worry, players still have plenty of time to complete the event. 

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Stuffel Community Day Event, Trip to Hawaii, and More!

If you don’t know then the event is already live and it’s more like a competition. The process is quite simple, to participate in the event you need to follow and retweet a Pokemon Go account. There are some interesting and expensive rewards waiting for runner-ups and winners of this giveaway. 

Furthermore, there are some rules you need to follow and also have an eligibility Stufful Community Day giveaway. We will discuss everything in detail below. So, if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get a trip to Hawaii and some expensive stuff then keep reading this blog post. 

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Eligibility Criteria

First, this Stufful Community Day giveaway is only available in those regions where Pokemon Go is officially released. If you live in a country where pokemon go is not officially relied on or banned by the government then you can’t join the giveaway. You can read the list of countries on the official site of Pokemon Go, Niantic. 


The winner of this giveaway will get the prize for a trip to Hawaii. For 5 days and 6 nights vacation at Honolulu, Hawaii, the USA from Niantic (creator of pokemon go). Yes, it’s free in celebration of the Alola region introduction in Pokemon Go. 

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How to Enter the Stufful Community Day Giveaway?

The process to enter the giveaway is quite easy and simple. You need to follow one of the Pokemon Go accounts and retweet the given tweet below. Yes, that’s it and you will get a chance for a trip to Hawaii for free. To get the full exposure you should follow the region accion of Pokemon Go (if you have one for your region). Otherwise, the original account is the best if you want to avoid all types of misconceptions and misunderstandings. 

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