Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event: Rewards, Missions, and More!

Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event: Rewards, Missions, and More!
Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event: Rewards, Missions, and More!

Do you have fun in multiple events of Pokemon Go like Spring into Spring and Ula’ula events? There are more than enough events running in the game to keep players busy all day. However, if you think it’s the end then you are wrong because a new event is going to be added to the game. Yes, get yourself ready for all players because the Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event is just a few days away. 

Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event: Rewards, missions, and More!

If you sleep all this time then you should know that there is more than one event that is life in the game. To help you out with each tournament we have a guide on every event, item, and update. Spring into Spring and Ula’ula are adventure research events where you need to complete some research tasks. 

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Furthermore, to make the spring event more interesting Pokemon Go developers also have plans for all players. The Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event will allow players to obtain up to 30,000 XP on the event day. Well, besides a huge amount of XP you will also get rewards for every match without any pass or anything. 

For the last few weeks, there is a lot of research but very few battles in Pokemon Go. So, to make things balanced they come up with a new event to boost battles in the game. If you want to know about the date, missions, and rewards of the event then keep reading our blog. 

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Date, Missions, and Rewards of the Paradise Battle Day Event in Pokemon Go

First thing first, the date of the event is the same as the April Comunity date of 2022. Yes, unlike other days, this time both events will take place on the same day – 27th April 2022. That is going to be heavy and busy, so keep yourself ready for the grand festival of Pokemon Go. 

Prickly on that day the number of matches goes from 5 to 20. In other words, more chances to obtain free rewards and XP in the Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event. There is no particular mission for this event but just need to play and get rewards. If you can get a rank then you will get a special in-game item which is Gladion’s Hoodie. Below you can read the other mission of the event which will allow players to get some extra XP: 

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Mission and Challanges:

  1. The first Pokemon Go Paradise Battle Day Event is to Power Up a Pokémon 10 times and you will get 7500 XP.
  2. The second one is to Battle in the Go Battle League and again get 7500 XP.
  3. The third one is quite more difficult than the other and in this, you need to do 10 Super-effective Charged Attacks to get 7500 XP.
  4. Last but not the least, you need to battle other trainers in the Great League to get 7500 XP. 
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