Slaze Valorant: Know Her Side On The Ban From Game Changer Series

Know who is slaze and why she got banned from the Game Changers Series.

Slaze Valorant
VCT for female players

Slaze is a professional Valorant player who was handed a ban from the Game Changers Series. Polaris team member was accused of boosting her account and now is forced to watch the tournament from the sidelines.

As a result, team Polaris needs to find another member in the next few hours to remain in the tournament. So, let’s discuss a little more about the situation now and what Slaze has to say on this.

Slaze Valorant: Know Everything About The Ban

Slaze Valorant
Game Changers is a tournament for female players

The Game Changers series of Valorant are now live. Moreover, the first stage was played as a Swiss stage where Top 16 teams made it into the next round. The second round was play-in from where a total of 8 teams marched towards the final stage which is the playoffs stage.

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Team Polaris finished 8 after 3matches to qualify for the Play-ins. In the final match f Play-ins, they defeated 24 heavens to qualify for the Playoffs. (citygoldmedia.com) Just before the play-offs, Riot posted on their website that they have banned Slaze from the Valorant Game Changers Series 3. 

Slaze was accused of boosting her account in the game. According to Riot’s anti-cheat detector which is Vanguard, she was found boosting her account.

Slaze’s Statement On Ban

Later after the news, Slaze came out with a statement. She posted a letter on TwitLonger and clarified her side.

According to Slaze, she never boosted her account nor got boosted by anyone. Furthermore, she said that there is someone who doesn’t like her and is a good friend of Riot’s official. Using his/her contact with the Riot member, the person got Slaze banned from the Valorant Game Changer Series.

Slaze used to be the Sova player for Polaris in Valorant.

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What’s Next For Team Polaris?

Moreover, team Polais is one of the teams which is in the playoffs stage. As of now, they will have to find a replacement for Slaze, else they will be out of the competition.

After the ban of Slaze from the Valorant Game Changer Series 3, it will be tough for Polaris to claim a victory. In case, if they don’t find a member, then the slot will be awarded to 24 Haven to compete against Gen.g Black.

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