Pokimane Valorant Rank: Know Current Rank Of The Streamer

Pokimane is an American streamer who plays Valorant most of the time. Know, her rank here

Pokimane Valorant Rank
American streamer Pokimane

Pokimane Valorant Rank: American streamer Pokimane recently achieved one of the highest tiers in Valorant. Moreover, she is a streamer who streams her gameplay on Twitch regularly. She is playing the game since its launch but achieved the milestone after one year.

So, to know the rank of Pokimane, read the article till the end.

What Is The Rank Of Pokimane In Valorant?

Pokimane Valorant Rank
Pokimane was stuck on Diamond for three Acts

Valorant is a game where there is a rank system. There are different tiers and players play the game to rank up. The highest tier in Valorant is named Radiant and only 0.1% of players achieve the rank.

Here is the list of ranks in Valorant:

  • Radiant
  • Immortal
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron

All the ranks are categorized further into three ranks like Iron 1, Iron 2, and Iron 3 except Radiant which has only one tier.

Pokimane reached the Immortal tier recently in Valorant and achieved the second-highest rank of the game for the first time. In the first Act of Episode 3, the girl gamer managed to accomplish her mission. Earlier, she was placed into Diamond in the previous Acts.

After a year, with a lot of practice and time spent on the game, Pokimane reached Immortal in Valorant. After achieving this rank in Valorant, Pokimane expressed her joy by sharing a post on her Twitter

Reaction Of Audience On Pokimane’s Immortal Rank

Pokimane's Immortal Rank
Reaction of Pokimane

This is very unusual for a girl gamer to achieve high ranks in a game like Valorant. Furthermore, most of the pro players and streamers congratulated Pokimane for achieving this rank in Valorant. But, there were many who criticized too.

She played most of the games with different players like Valorant Pros or other big streamers. Considering that, many of the audience criticized that she boosted herself to immortal by her teammates.

Pokimane reacted furiously to this. However, she has clips that prove she deserves the rank and has worked hard to achieve it.

Pokimane shared her tips after getting Immortal rank in Valorant. She said players, need to improve their aim and practice for ranking up.

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