Shroud Weighs in on the CS:GO vs Valorant Debate

22/09/2023 | Shroud sparks debate by claiming Valorant is harder than Counter-Strike. Explore both sides of the argument in this FPS showdown. | Credits: Shroud

During a recent stream of CS2, former pro player and popular streamer Shroud made a bold claim that sparked intense debate among FPS enthusiasts. He stated unequivocally that “Counter-Strike is way easier than Valorant… 100 per cent,” adding further fuel to the fire by suggesting that even legendary CS players would struggle to compete in Valorant. “I’m telling you… s1mple goes to Valorant [and] he can’t compete.”

Shroud’s Consistent Stance

Shroud’s recent comments may seem provocative, but they align with his previous statements. He has consistently argued that Valorant is a more challenging game than Counter-Strike due to the added complexity introduced by agents and roles.

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As someone with extensive experience in both games, let’s explore both sides of the argument:

Why Valorant is Considered Harder

Agent Abilities: Valorant introduces a layer of complexity through its agent abilities. Each agent possesses unique skills, leading to diverse gameplay experiences. This complexity can make Valorant harder to grasp, as players need to learn not only gunplay but also how to effectively use agent abilities.

Strategic Depth: Valorant places a strong emphasis on strategy. Well-coordinated executes and retakes utilizing agent abilities can be challenging to counter. This strategic depth requires players to have a deep understanding of the game and its mechanics.

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Learning Curve: The variety of agents and their abilities means there’s more to learn and master in Valorant. This steep learning curve can be intimidating for new and lower-ranked players.

Why Counter-Strike is Considered Harder

Mechanical Skill: Counter-Strike demands exceptional mechanical skill. Faster movement, smaller hitboxes, and pinpoint accuracy are essential for success. Players must rely on their raw aiming and reaction speed.

Simplicity: Counter-Strike’s simplicity can be deceptive. The absence of agent abilities means players have fewer tools to control the game. Smoke grenades, in particular, require precise knowledge and memorization for effective use.

Accuracy: Achieving accuracy in Counter-Strike is challenging. Smaller hitboxes and the need for precise crosshair placement make landing shots more difficult.

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The Great Debate Continues

The debate over whether Valorant or Counter-Strike is the harder game remains heated. Shroud’s stance, informed by his extensive experience in both titles, adds a fresh perspective to the ongoing discussion. Ultimately, the difficulty of each game is subjective and depends on individual preferences and strengths. Both games offer unique challenges and rewards, making them beloved staples of the FPS genre.

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