Zero Build Solo: Fortnite Season 4 Gets Second Major Update

Zero Build Solo
26/09/2023 | Fortnite’s Season 4 gets a major update, bringing back the fan-favorite Zero Build Solo mode to Ranked play. Check out the details. | Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite, the ever-popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, recently received its second major update of Season 4. This update brought a plethora of new content, including cosmetic items and gameplay changes, but one of the most exciting additions is the return of the fan-favourite game mode, Zero Build Solo, to Fortnite’s ranked mode.

Zero Build Solo Makes a Comeback

When Season 4 first launched, Epic Games introduced the Zero Build Solo playlist in the game’s ranked mode. Unfortunately, this exciting mode was available for only a brief period before Epic removed it. The initial release was meant to gather player feedback, and it seems that the response was overwhelmingly positive.

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Now, the Zero Build Solo playlist is back, but with a twist.

The Catch: Limited Availability

Fortnite players can once again enjoy the Zero Build Solo playlist in the ranked mode. However, there’s a catch. This mode will be available 24/7, but only on servers in Europe, NA-East, and the Middle East. For players in other regions, the availability will follow a specific schedule:

  • NA-Central: Available all week from 3 PM to 7 AM UTC (11 AM to 3 AM EDT / 10 AM to 2 AM CDT).
  • NA-West: Available all week from 3 PM to 8 AM UTC (11 AM to 4 AM EDT / 8 AM to 1 AM PDT).
  • Oceania: Monday to Friday, it’s accessible from 4 AM to 11 AM UTC (12 AM to 7 AM EDT). On weekends, it’s open from 1 AM to 12 PM UTC (9 PM to 8 AM EDT).
  • Brazil: Monday to Friday, you can play from 4 PM to 3 AM UTC (12 PM EDT to 11 PM EDT). On weekends, it’s open from 3 PM to 4 AM UTC (11 AM EDT to 12 AM EDT).
  • Asia: Monday to Friday, it’s accessible from 2 AM to 3 PM UTC (10 PM EDT to 11 AM EDT). On weekends, it’s open from 2 AM to 4 PM UTC (10 PM EDT to 12 PM EDT).
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Players who desire uninterrupted access to the Zero Build Solo playlist in Ranked mode will need to switch to one of the three regions where it’s available around the clock.

Popularity Will Dictate the Schedule

The availability schedule may evolve with subsequent Fortnite updates, largely contingent on the popularity of the game mode in each server region. Epic Games is keen on ensuring that players have an enjoyable and balanced experience, so they’ll closely monitor player engagement to determine future scheduling changes.

As Fortnite continues to evolve, these adjustments aim to cater to the diverse preferences of its global player base while maintaining a competitive and engaging gaming environment. Players can look forward to more exciting updates and events in Fortnite Season 4.

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