Rumors about Flying Animals coming to Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 New Leaks
30/11/2022/Some rumors spreading that flying animals in Fortnite game may be introduced/Credits: Carnluga YouTube.

Finally, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is coming to a close. Chapter 4 Season 1 won’t start for another week or so, and the current season’s playing duration will end even sooner. The live event is set for December 3, and players are anxiously anticipating any kind of word regarding what the upcoming season may hold until then.

Every time a chapter is changed, the game is entirely revamped and the player base is reenergized. In Chapter 2, a brand-new map was introduced, and in Chapter 3, the plot of the story was dramatically thickened by bringing back some of the original map’s elements.

Rumors are spreading that whether flying animals will be featured in Chapter 4 of Fortnite is one inclusion that players have been debating.

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Flying Animals in Fortnite

There have been numerous leaks about what Chapter 4 Season 1 might bring, and one persistent rumor is that flying, tethered animals will appear. HYPEX and numerous other well-known leakers have mentioned this and have supported the idea.

Animals that fly do not currently exist in Fortnite. Crows soar above the island but cannot be mounted. Chickens can’t fly. Although they can be ridden, wolves and boars cannot fly. It will be novel for the game to have flying creatures. Given that crows are far too few to serve as seating, it is also very likely that new species of animals will be introduced.

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Anyone’s guess as to what these creatures may be. First, several different Fortnite seasons have featured dinosaurs (raptors). Second, they are one of the rare flyings and riding creatures in history or fiction. Most modern flighted animals would find it difficult to transport a person.


The size and strength of pterodactyls and other flying dinosaurs would be sufficient for a gamer to mount and fly. There’s also a chance that Fortnite will simply make its wildlife. It’s difficult to imagine the upcoming season and the new Avatar film not working together in some capacity. An early crossover (like Spider-Man for Chapter 3 Season 1) is possible because it comes out on December 15 and the season starts 10 days earlier.

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Remember that despite numerous leaks attesting to the presence of flying creatures, Fortnite has not officially declared its debut. Given the volume of leakers hinting at the likelihood, they may arrive. But this can’t be taken as truth or a promise until Epic Games gives a hint or confirms the same.

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