Ranking the Valorant Duelists: Who’s the Best

Valorant Duelists
13/10/2023 | Discover the best Valorant Duelists from Raze to Reyna. Learn who dominates the competitive scene and who falls short in the ranking. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant, Riot Games‘ tactical first-person shooter, features an array of Agents, each with unique abilities and roles. Among these roles, Duelists are the ones who excel at taking out opponents with their aggressive playstyle and fragging capabilities. But which Duelist truly stands out as the best? Let’s delve into a ranking of all the Valorant Duelists, from the top-tier fraggers to those who struggle to keep up.

Raze: The Unrivaled Duelist

Raze takes the top spot as the most-picked Duelist in Valorant. She dominates the competition with an impressive 8.0% pick rate in both ranked and professional matches. Her popularity is well-justified, considering her explosive kit.

Why Valorant Duelists Raze Reigns Supreme

Raze’s toolkit offers her incredible space-taking abilities. Her Boom Bot is great for gathering information and clearing corners. Combine that with her Paint Shells, and you have a recipe for eliminating foes. However, her standout ability is the Blast Packs, allowing her to swiftly and aggressively secure map control.

Raze’s unrivalled mobility with Blast Packs sets her apart. They enable her to pull off a range of dynamic plays, from reaching unexpected positions to disrupting enemies’ aim by launching them with sticky grenades. Her utility also allows her to be more self-sufficient than her closest competitor, Jett.

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She excels on maps like Lotus, Split, Bind, and Fracture, where her utilities outshine those of Jett’s. Players recognize her ability to challenge for map control, the primary role of a Duelist, and her frequent selection in pro play reflects her dominance.

Jett: The Agile Operator

Jett, despite significant nerfs, remains a top choice for Duelists. Her speed and agility make her an excellent choice for using the Operator. In Valorant, the Operator is a heavy and slow sniper rifle, and Jett’s unique abilities give her a significant advantage in using it.

Why Valorant Duelists Jett Shines

Jett is the ideal Operator user for any team. Her Tailwind dash enables her to secure aggressive angles, and her smokes help her survive in precarious positions. Additionally, her ultimate ability can turn eco rounds in her team’s favor, effectively turning her into a powerhouse with a highly accurate, airborne firearm.

Her exciting playstyle and effectiveness with the Operator make her a top pick for those who enjoy a fragging role. While she requires careful use of her abilities, the fun factor of playing Jett keeps her popular in ranked matches.

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Yoru: The Creative Trickster

Yoru’s journey in Valorant has been marked by ups and downs. Initially considered a weak pick, he was rarely used in competitive matches. However, following significant buffs, Yoru has come into his own as a creative Duelist.

Why Valorant Duelists Yoru Makes a Comeback

The replacement of Yoru’s fake footstep ability with a clone breathed new life into this Agent. Players have started using Yoru in inventive ways to confuse their opponents with intriguing strategies. Yoru’s teleportation, fake clone, and ultimate add a layer of unpredictability to his play style.

Teams often employ Yoru to baffle their opponents with unconventional tactics. His ability to think outside the box gives him a unique place among Duelists, making him the third-best choice in the current meta.

Neon: The Fast and Furious

Neon is a powerful Duelist, but her popularity doesn’t match her potential. Known for her incredible speed, she’s a superb choice for players who master movement mechanics.

Why Valorant Duelists Neon Stands Out

Neon shines on maps like Fracture, Pearl, and Lotus, thanks to her exceptional mobility. She can quickly secure space, evade defensive abilities, and make unpredictable plays. However, she remains underpicked in comparison to other Duelists, despite her high skill ceiling.

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Phoenix: The Fallen Star

Phoenix, once the king of Haven, has fallen from grace. The addition of KAY/O to Valorant exposed Phoenix’s weaknesses. His decline in pick rate has come as a result of KAY/O offering better flashes, an improved molly, and a more potent ultimate.

Valorant Duelists Phoenix’s Struggles

Although Phoenix has received buffs recently, his pick rates remain low. While some teams have played him on maps like Pearl, he’s far from a top choice for Duelists in the current meta.

Reyna: The Struggling Duelist

Reyna is the most-picked Agent in Valorant, but ironically, she’s the weakest Duelist. Her abilities heavily rely on securing kills, making her less self-sufficient compared to other Duelists.

Valorant Duelists Reyna’s Limitations

In high-level games, Reyna’s reliance on frags becomes a significant hindrance. She can be a fun pick for casual matches when on a hot streak, but in professional play, where securing fair duels is a challenge, she lags behind other Duelists.

Valorant Duelists play a crucial role in any team’s success. While Raze reigns supreme, other Duelists like Jett, Yoru, Neon, and even Phoenix have their moments to shine. Reyna, however, still struggles to find a place in the competitive meta. As the game evolves,

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