Queer Couple Nerfed on Valentine’s: Raze and Killjoy 6.03 Patch Explanation

 Queer Couple Nerfed
16/02/2023/ Queer Couple Nerfed on Valentine’s/ Credits- Riot Games

The queer couple that Riot declared canon, and known to be dating only recently, has now been nerfed, and that too on Valentine’s day. The 6.03 update patch brings with it minor changes and bug fixes and game-changing rebalance of the two characters.

It was only in December that Riot Games declared that Raze and Killjoy are the ‘first couple’ as well as the first ‘queer couple’ in the Valorant lore. Of the many available characters in the game, even with the constant additions and expansions in the lore, Raze is one of the most picked agents in the game. With her AOE kit and her explosive damage, Raze can clear sites and corners with equal ease.

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Killjoy has, after the extreme nerf of Chamber, become the premier sentinel. What more, with her overpowered ultimate ability, ‘Lockdown’, Killjoy can turn the tables in a round, all by herself. Now, there’s been some unfortunate changes.

Killjoy Balance Patch

Since Killjoy has become the top sentinel in her ecosystem, Valorant has rebalanced and brought her back to the same level in the 6.03 update.

PATCH: Killjoy’s Turret (E) health decreased [125 >>> 100]

With the reduced health of the mini-defenders, handling them becomes much easier. As well as making all those pistol rounds that were in Killjoy’s bag, right out of it. With weaker weapons like Spectre and Marshal, it is now very viable to destroy the turret instead of running past it.

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PATCH: Killjoy’s Lockdown (X) point cost increased [7 >>> 8]

The absolute terror that Killjoy’s Lockdown causes to the players on a site is inestimable. Along with its wide area coverage, it is arguably the best crowd control skill in-game. After crossing the beginner league, the amount of detained duration matters a lot. The point cost for the ultimate is now up to be on par with characters like Raze and Sage.

Raze Balance Patch

With blast packs for entry, a boom bot for clearing the site and recon, and the grenade which is to blow up sneaky enemies. Overall, we can say that Raze has a sweet kit, or should we say, ‘had?’. 

PATCH: Raze’s Boom Bot (C) duration decreased [10s >>> 5s]

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With this, the huge number of lineups that Raze mains created after performing thousands of iterations are now rendered useless. With a 5-second duration, the area under the boom bot covers is severely limited. And now no more sneaky bots coming after you, after crashing into a whole lot of things.

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