Free Fire Less is More Event: How to Get Free Bonus Diamonds?

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Free Fire
Free Fire Less is More event Provide Diamond at a discount prize. | Credit: Free Fire

Are you a Free Fire lover? If yes then you reach the right place. In this, the Diamond is the only actual buying item. And with the new Less is More event you can get bonus Diamond. The most popular mobile battle royale game has over 60 million user reviews and around 500 million Play Store downloads. The fun and competitive game contains several kinds of game modes. Such as Classic, Clash Squad, Rush House, and Big-head. Along with that, this game is filled with characters and weapons for playing it. 

Look at the currencies used to buy several exclusives and collectibles like Free Fire Evo gun skins, emotes, and outfits. The Diamond which you bought by paying real money is provided a discount to first-time purchasers. Here is the information about the Less is More event of Free Fire. 

Introduction: Free Fire Less is More Event 

The Garena released this Free Fire event on 18 Feb, 2024 which ended on the 25th of this month. The event provides you an offer of a 520 FF diamond pack which is usually bought at 400 INR costs. Discount rates vary which is depend on the number of Diamonds players possess. 

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Free Fire Less is More event, gives you a one-time Diamond buying offer. Along the side, if you have 300+ Diamonds you do not become part of this event.

Discount Price for 520 FF Diamond Pack Purchase 

Following the below structure which provides more cost-efficiency compared to the standard price of the pack. Later you utilize that in numeral in-game activities such as the Luck Royales or other ongoing events.

Diamonds  off Pack Prize ( in INR)
0 – 50 60% 160
50 – 150 40% 240
150 – 300 20% 320


What are the Steps to Purchase Diamonds and Participate in the ‘Less is More’ Event?

Don’t know how to participate in this event but eager to get the diamond. So, here are the simple ways that provide bonus Diamonds.

  1. Go to the Free Fire on your device.
  2. On-screen click the icon of the Diamond. 
  3. Choose the Less is More event. 
  4. Tap on the number of Diamonds you have, then based on the purchase of the Diamond pack the choose Discount prize.
  5. Lastly, do the payment procedures, and then 520 FF Diamonds will be credited to the account.
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All the steps help you to get the Diamond at a discount price. 

How to Install Free fire in your Device?

Exciting to be a part of the Free Fire Less is More event but do not have idea How to install it. Don’t worry by following the below step-by-step guidelines you can download it.

  • Open the Play Store in your downloading Device.
  • Search the – Free Fire Max.
  • Tap the first option or the Free Fire Max appears where.
  • Select the install option.
  • Wait for the download to be complete. 


This newly arrived game – ‘Less Is More’ is not a name it is the category that shows having more Diamonds. This is a great event that provides the Bonus Diamonds which is helpful in the Free Fire game. Discount is such a factor that it lets you get more Diamonds at a lower cost. As a part of this cost-efficiency event, you can easily get the other things that are useful for the game. This article gives all the information that you need to know and become a part of it.

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