PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Leaks: New gun, New scope and more

PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Leaks: New Gun, New Scope And More
08/12/2022/ PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Leaks/ Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

Since we have been playing the game for a while, we are constantly seeking updates that provide new features. In the PUBG Mobile 2.4 update, there are also an excessive number of new items, including a new gun and scope. This update will be a fantastic huge update that fixes all of the bugs in the game that we are now experiencing, and we can see User experience enhancements as well. The update will be between 1 and 2GB in size and will be released very shortly.

What’s new in the PUBG Mobile 2.4 update?

New snipper rifle – The game has seen certain changes as a result of the update. For example, the sniper is presently used less frequently by players, therefore the update included the M200 sniper and its.408 Caliber ammunition, which is a particularly potent sniper rifle. In contrast to earlier snipers, the new sniper has a significantly high sound and damage levels. The snipper is a one-shot kill weapon that has an excellent appearance.

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New tactical scope – The update includes a brand-new tactical scope, which you may acquire the same way you would any other scope in the spawn area. Although it has the same 8x appearance, it is adjustable, and when you are pointing through the scope, you can see how many meters your target is. The scope is a little difficult to use because of its high sensitivity, but you may adjust it to your requirements.

Cheerpark car showroom – Changes at the cheer park can also be seen in the update; in the cheer park, there is a car showroom with a machine where you may order any vehicle. The machine will show you a screen with all of the vehicle pictures; simply choose the vehicle, and the showroom will open and you will receive your vehicle.

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Throwable Trajectory 2.0 – When you pull the nade to throw, we see a line that was not visible in the previous update, but in the new update, you can see the arrow while throwing the nade.

Sniper Only TDM – We can now only play sniper in the new TDM mode, in which snipers can enjoy. The map is a section of our classic map, and it changes with each match. It is a little area of the standard map that you can play.                                                      ALSO READ: PUBG MOBILE CHRISTMAS UPDATE

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