PMGC 2022 Last Chance: Day 1 Overall Standings

PMGC 2022 Last Chance Day 1
03/12/2022/ PMGC 2022 Last Chance Day 1/ Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

The Last Chance first day is over, and the last day is tomorrow; this is a relatively short format, with only 12 matches for each team, and 6 matches completed. Some teams have secured their spot in the top 5 slots for the time being, DRS, A7, IHC, iNCO and TITN showed strong competitiveness, But they must be very consistent as there are just 6 matches left, and 1-2 matches may shift the entire table. Also, some teams are having a rough day today and are aiming for a solid recovery in the remaining six matches; let’s see who comes up with the comeback and keeps the top five spots in the overall point table.

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PMGC 2022 Last Chance Round Overall Standings After Day 1

  1. DRS Gaming – 81 Points
  2. Alpha 7 Esports – 75 Points
  3. IHC Esports – 64 Points
  4. iNCO Gaming – 54 Points
  5. Titan Gaming – 51 Points
  6. Bigetron Red Aliens – 51 Points
  7. HVVP – 49 Points
  8. Game-Lord – 49 Points
  9. DWG KIA – 47 Points
  10. REJECT – 40 Points
  11. LGD Gaming – 33 Points
  12. BJK – 31 Points
  13. NGX – 27 Points
  14. Agi8 – 26 Points
  15. VPE – 25 Points
  16. BAC – 20 Points


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The Last Chance round will be a short and difficult format, with only 12 matches deciding who will compete in the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals. Only five teams will advance to the finals, therefore teams must be highly consistent. The battle will be quite fascinating to watch for the viewers.

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PMGC 2022 Last Chance Round Day 1 Complete Analysis

The top-performing team did not perform well on the first day, demonstrating how difficult the format is for them. Team DRS, A7, IHC, iNCO, and TITN displayed great competitiveness, looking very good on the first day and attempting to maintain their position on the point table on the final day as well. The Survival Stage’s top contenders, Vampire Esports and LGD Gaming, both had a rough day they looking to recover in the final six matches. HVVP also had a rough day but recovered in the last two games to take a decent position in the point table. Check out the complete analysis video,

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