Mastering Off-Angles on Valorant Haven: A Guide for Both Attack and Defense

Valorant Haven
01/09/2023 | Understanding and effectively using these off-angles on Valorant Haven can significantly improve your performance. | Credits: YouTube

In Valorant, mastering off-angles is a crucial skill that becomes essential as you climb the ranks. Playing from common spots makes you predictable, and you’re more likely to get picked off by opponents. One map where understanding off-angles is particularly vital is Haven, one of the largest maps in Valorant featuring three bomb sites.

What Are Off-Angles?

Off-angles are positions that are not commonly held by players and are hard to predict for opponents. They provide a significant advantage during encounters but also come with a degree of risk as they often lack quick escape routes.

Best Off-Angles on Valorant Haven – Defense Side

  1. Under Haven Platform: Positioned on Haven’s A-site, this angle provides a clear headshot line for both A-short and A-long. Smoking one entry point while actively watching the other is a viable strategy to prevent getting traded.
  2. Towers – A Site: Towers near A Short and A-Long offer exceptional vantage points for defenders. These spots allow you to take enemies by surprise and are ideal for agents with movement abilities.
  3. Garage Window: Gather information about attackers in the Garage area from this position. It helps in shutting down advances through Garage, a common route for attackers.
  4. Garage Tower: Accessible for agents with movement abilities, this spot is great for countering aggressive rushes. However, use it sparingly to avoid being cleared by opponents.
  5. A-Sewer: A highly effective off-angle that’s commonly used in pro play. Both OPers and Riflers can utilize this spot effectively.
  6. B-Back: Located at the back of the Haven B Site, this spot is valuable for anchoring and maintaining site control, especially in higher ranks.
  7. A-Ult Point: Ideal for challenging enemy control of the Long area early in the round. A two-player setup with a flash-capable agent and one with an escape ability works well here.
  8. C-Platform: Positioned on Valorant Haven’s C-Site, this angle is excellent for securing multi-kills. Playing this angle requires teamwork to break enemy utility and engage effectively.
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Best Off-Angles on Valorant Haven – Attack Side

  1. A-Garden Tall Box: This off-angle counters hyper-aggressive defenders in A-lobby, providing an advantage in eliminating opponents trying to push into the garden area.
  2. C-Lobby Tall Box: Similar to the A-Garden Tall Box, this spot is for countering aggression in C-Long pushes, particularly in eco rounds.
  3. A-Long: Ideal for catching Operator players off-guard, especially early in the round. Utilizing Omen’s teleports can help you get there quickly.
  4. C-Site: Positioned to stop opponent retakes, this spot requires careful positioning based on the specific situation to avoid being exposed from multiple directions.

Understanding and effectively using these off-angles on Valorant Haven can significantly improve your performance in Valorant, whether you’re on the attack or defence. Keep in mind that adapting your playstyle and positioning based on the specific round and opponents’ strategies is key to success in Valorant.

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