Navi Win PGL Major Stockholm 2021 CS:GO: Peek Viewership Record

Navi defeated G2 in the grand finals to become the champions of PGL Stockholm Majors.

Navi PGL Major Stockholm
The final was played between G2 and Navi

Navi PGL Major Stockholm: The biggest major of CS: GO of 2021, is now over and Natus Vincere, known as Navi, has won the finals. The Ukrainian side defeated G2 in the finals by 2-0 to secure $1 million and 1800 pts for Pro Tour. Navi S1mple one of the best players of CS history was awarded as the MVP of the tournament.

This is S1mple’s first major trophy of his career. He was brilliant in the grand finals against G2 as he had 72-41 K/D, 95.2 ADR, and a 1.51 rating in the finals. To know more about the match read the article till the end.

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S1mple Guides Navi To Win PGL Major Stockholm 2021

S1mple MVP CS
MVP of the tournament: S1MPLE

A total of 24 teams were competing in the tournament. Furthermore, the best two teams made it into the finals which were G2 and Navi. Earlier this year, Navi won the ESL Pro League Season 14, Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Cologne, and BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020.

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Navi also won the  Intel Extreme Masters XIV – World Championship last year. Navi made a new achievement at the PGL Major Stockholm by winning the finals without dropping any map and winning by 2-0.

S1mple was rewarded as the MVP of the tournament. His average in the tournament was 1.47 rating across 10 maps played in the event. Moreover, the Ukrainian played a vital role in the victory. After the victory, S1mple tweeted saying that he had won the major with the best organization in the world. Earlier, he received offers to leave Navi, but he decided to stay and win with Navi.

Team Navi Players

  • s1mple (Oleksandr Kostyliev)
  • Denis (Sharipov )
  • Boombl4 (Kirill Mikhaylov)
  • Perfecto (Ilya Zalutskiy)
  • b1t (Valerii Vakhovskyi)

Teams At PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Prize Money

  • 1st Position: Natus Vincere-$1,000,000
  • 2nd Position: G2 Esports- $300,000
  • 3rd-4th Position: Gambit Esports, Heroic- $140,000
  • 5th-8th Position: Team Vitality, FURIA Esports, Virtus.pro, Ninjas in Pyjamas- $70,000

Peak Viewership 

The 2021 PGL Major Stockholm grand finals match between Navi and G2 broke all the records of viewership as it crossed 2.5 million. Earlier, the record was 1.44 million, the semi-finals played between Navi and Gambit.

  • NaVi vs. Vitality (Quarterfinals): 1.38 million viewers.
  • G2 vs. Heroic (Semifinals): 1.4 million viewers.
  • Gambit vs. Na’Vi (Semifinals): 1.44 million viewers.
  • NaVi vs. G2 (Grand finals): 2.57 million viewers.
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Navi PGL Major Stockholm
Team Navi


So, these were all the details about the PGL Stockholm Major 2021, where Navi triumphed over G2 to lift the trophy. To read similar articles like this, click on the link mentioned below.

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