How to Get The Mob Heads in Minecraft?

How to Get The Mob Heads in Minecraft?
01/12/2022/ How to Get The Mob Heads in Minecraft? | Credits: Mojang

How to Get The Mob Heads in Minecraft and Use them: Minecraft has various rare and popular items for players and one of the most popular items of recent time in Minecraft is mob heads. There are various types of mob heads and each has its usefulness. One of the most common uses of these mob heads is decoration, well don’t think that it’s just for decoration there sure are other uses for this item.

Like using it for disguise, does now it sounds cool and exciting? So if you are here to learn more about mob heads then you are right place. In this article, we will discuss how to get mob heads and how you can use those mob heads.

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How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft?

There are various types of Mob Heads in Minecraft and it’s not that easy to obtain. But there sure is ways to obtain mob heads in Minecraft. Some of the ways to get your hands on Minecraft mobs are:

  1. Mob Loot

One of the many ways to obtain mob heads is mob loot. It means if a player defeats Wither skeleton then that player might be able to obtain Wither Skeleton’s skull. But don’t get too excited because you need some great luck to obtain it with mob loot.

  1. Charged Creepers

If you are determined to obtain mob heads you need to understand that you will require charged creepers. Most of you might be familiar with charged head and if you don’t let me help you. So charged creeper is basically a creeper who is struck with lightning.

  1. Console Command
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Now one of the easiest ways to obtain Mob Heads in Minecraft is by using the console command. Well, it is cheating but you can definitely use this method to obtain mob heads. The command that you need to know to obtain mob head is:

/give @p


{SkullOwner: Username}

How to Use Mob Heads?

There are various ways of using mob heads. Some of the ways by which you use mob heads are:

  1. Manual Sounds:

One of the best to use mob heads in Minecraft is by using them to create sounds of various mobs. Using mob sounds you can easily confuse others in Minecraft. Now it depends on you whether you use it to prank others or make the same strategies using it to achieve your goal.

  1. Firework Star:
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With mob heads you can create fireworks in the shape of mobs in your Minecraft universe, isn’t it exciting? With this, you can enjoy fireworks in Minecraft whenever you want or you can make fireworks to celebrate anything.

  1. Decoration:

Most Minecraft players just love to decorate their Minecraft universe by collecting items. So mob heads are one of the best ways you can decorate your world and with some Redstone, it will even move.

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