Minecraft Smooth Stone: The Complete Crafting Guide

If you're stuck and can't find how to make smooth stones, this is the ccomplete crafting guide for you. You'll find how to make smooth stones, smooth stone slabs, and even blast furnaces.

how to make smooth stone in minecraft
18/10/2022 | How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft? | Credits: Ayesel YouTube

Minecraft has a lot of items in the game that many players struggle to craft. Of course you can try out different combination of items in the furnace to find it out. But this will just be a waste of time. For this, you’ll need a to know how to craft a smooth stone, smooth stone slab and a blast furnace/furnace in Minecraft. Fortunately, we’ve covered the recipe of smooth stone and smooth stone slab as well.

What is a Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

A stackable and renewable item in Minecraft. It is blast resistant which makes it the best for making homes. And you can mine or craft them in the game. In the very recent update of Minecraft the smoothstone’s texture was changed. That’s all for its description.

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How to Craft it?

To create a smooth stone, you must heat two blocks of cobblestone together in the furnace. If you do not have lava, you can also use coal or charcoal. Once heated, place them next to each other in the furnace and let them cool down. You may try heating one block of cobblestone twice to see if you can get the same effect. Although, you’ll need a furnace to craft a smooth stone. You need 8 cobblestones to create a furnace.

What is a Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft?

how to make a smooth stone slab and blast furnace in minecraft
18/10/2022 | How to make a smooth stone slab and a blast furnace in Minecraft | Credits: fandom.wiki

If you’ve played Minecraft for a long time now, you’ll know that there were stone slabs in the game before. Minecraft replaced the stone slabs with smoothstone slabs in the update 1.14. Following the same update Minecraft also made it available in plains, villages, savannahs, snowy tundras. So it’s natural that players are flocking towards smoothstone slabs for their crafting.

How to Craft a Smooth Stone Slab?

Place 3 smooth stones on the crafting table. The crafting table simply cuts them in two halves. Hence if you place 3 smooth stones, you’ll get back 6 smooth stone slabs. But having smooth stones will be a necessity for this one. That is the recipe for a smooth stone slab in Minecraft. Maybe Minecraft will add more crafting techniques for the smooth stone in the current update in line.

Blast Furnace Recipe:

You can even make your own blast furnace with smooth stones. In the tab for crafting put the furnace in the middle block. Fill the bottom 3 blocks with smooth stone and the rest with iron ingots. And your blast furnace is ready. For more such crafting guides, updates, news, how to guides, make sure to follow our website regularly.

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