5 Amazing Minecraft Quest Mods, Ranked!

Minecraft Quest Mods
21/11/2022/Minecraft Quest Mods | Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

5 Amazing Minecraft Quest Mods, Ranked: There are a lot of games out there that you can play. But among all those games Minecraft is definitely one of the best. You can do a lot of things in Minecraft, like exploring, creating something, fighting, finding treasure, and a lot more. But even if these things look common and boring to you then how about creating your own game and adventure? 

5 Amazing Minecraft Quest Mods, Ranked!

Well, it Sounds interesting right if you are playing Minecraft you can create your own quest using mods. But finding some great Minecraft guest mods that fit your liking is tough. So in this article, we have 5 of the best Minecraft Quest mods for you.

1. Pixelmon

This is definitely one of the best Minecraft quest mods out there. If you are a Pokemon lunatic or a fan who used to watch Pokemon in your childhood. Then this mod will surely make you nostalgic and will be up to your liking. With this mod, you will be able to do almost every possible thing which you have watched in the Pokemon franchise. You can catch Pokemon, battle with other Pokemon, and will be able to train them.

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2. Life in the Village

As the name sounds Life in the Village allows you to live in the village. One of the best parts of this mod would be the ability to create and guide a village. You will be able to experience your life in the village surrounded by the beauty of nature. With all that, you will guide and instruct the citizens of the village.

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3. MC Eternal – Best Minecraft Quest Mods

On number third, we have MC Eternal as the best Minecraft quest mod. This mod will provide you with a completely different experience which you might not be able to get in Minecraft normally. Using MC Eternal you will get up to 720 different and exciting quests in Minecraft. Like other quests, you will get something whenever you complete a quest.

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4. Lost Cities

The next quest mod on the list of best Minecraft Quest Mods is Lost cities. Have you ever dreamed of treasure hunting in an abandoned building or in cities? Well if you have, then using this mod is perfect for your fantasy to make it true. Lost cities is a mod where the player gets lots of abounding buildings and cities to explore and uncover the mystery. You might even stumble upon some hidden treasure while exploring these cities.

5. Parasites

Just by looking at the name you can guess what this Minecraft Quest Mod is about. As the name suggests this mod will add various parasites which give a chilling and horrific vibe. You will get a whole lot of quests among all the other Minecraft Quest Mods.

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Minecraft is great and all but sometimes you just need something new and more exciting. For that, we have 5 of the best Minecraft mods for you where you will be able to enhance your experience in Minecraft. You will get some new experiences and excitement with these mods. One of the coolest mods in this list is Pixelmon so make sure to try it. Hope you liked this list and let me know your favorite Minecraft quest mod in the comment section.

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