Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17: Explore the Latest Features

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17
30/03/2023/ Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 / Credits – Mojang Studio

We now bring to your notice the notification of the impending update for Android‘s Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.0! In the most recent event, Minecraft Live 2020, organized by the developer Mojang, new ideas that will be included in the Minecraft universe in the Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 release were showcased.

In 2020, the Caves & Cliffs upgrade was introduced at Minecraft Live. You will discover a sizable number of new features in the future version, which we shall discuss today.

We also want to point out that the Java version of the Minecraft game as well as the mobile version should both receive this update.

Please be aware that the Minecraft community will be introduced to the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 the following year, namely in the summer of 2021. The first beta versions of this upgrade, according to our staff, should be released this winter.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17

Let’s look at everything that will be included in the next version 1.17 for Minecraft Pocket Edition:

The first thing we’ll look at is Lush caves

The world of Minecraft will get a new feature: a huge, deep cave that is partially submerged in water and covered with different kinds of vegetation. The generation of caves has been altered by the developers. added fresh plant species:

  • Berry vines that glow and provide food
  • A spore bloom releases particles.
  • You may stroll on brand-new water lilies.
  • Azalea trees are quite little.
  • new species of moss

Dripstone Cave

A location with several stalactites and stalagmites. Mineral growths called stalagmites emerge from the earth. Mineral growths called stalactites are seen on cave ceilings.

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Since they may inflict quick damage whether the player falls on them or they fall on him, these formations are highly hazardous. Please be aware that the stalactites emit water droplets that can be utilized to fill the cauldrons if they are positioned beneath the stalactite.

Current updated generation

The world’s generation has altered thanks to the Mojang studio’s creators.

There will be changes to the Minecraft environment, including the addition of subterranean waterways, steeper and higher mountains, subsurface ore generation in groups, powdered snow that the player will fall through, and new constructions.

New mob: Glow squid

Players chose a new monster during Minecraft Live, and the Glow squid triumphed. These organisms may be found both underground and in the ocean’s depths. The world of Minecraft has yet another source of light.

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New Redstone variants

A fresh Redstone block level. The new building blocks allow for the construction of new practical mechanisms.

The Cave Biome generates the following types of blocks:

  • Block sculk
  • culvert chute
  • Sculk Growth is a light growth, similar to a snowflake layer.
  • Steps, the placement of blocks, and gunfire all trigger the Sculk Sensor, a sensor. If the sound is muffled by wool, the sensor won’t work. The Redstone signal is activated when this happens.

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