Top 5 Best Automation Mods in Minecraft in 2022!

Top 5 Best Automation Mods in Minecraft in 2022!
30/11/2022 | Top 5 Best Automation Mods in Minecraft in 2022! | Credits: Minecraft, Mojang

Top 5 Best Automation Mods in Minecraft in 2022: Minecraft offers lots of fun and creative opportunity to players. But at some point you might find it boring so to make Minecraft more interesting for yourself you can use some mods. Mods make your game and Minecraft universe much more fun by adding something new and exciting.

Well if you are already familiar with mods and just want to upgrade your automation or if you want to decrease your burden. Using automation mods would be best, these automation mods will save you lots of time and will lessen some burden. In this article, we have 5 of the best automation mods for you that will help you enjoy your game much more.

Best Automation Mods for Minecraft!

There are lots of automation mods that can be great for you but rather than including every mod we are going to give the best 5. With these mods, you will save time and will enjoy your time in the Minecraft universe much more. So the best 5 automation mods are:

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1. NuclearCraft

On the first spot on our list we have NuclearCraft and as the name says this awesome mod uses nuclear to create energy, isn’t it amazing? Well in real life everyone requires energy to sustain their life and nuclear is used to create energy. Similarly, NuclearCraft uses nuclear to create energy, and the way it works is pretty much similar to the real world.

2. Tech Guns

Next Minecraft Automation Mods on the list is Tech Guns. Everyone wants to use guns to fight enemies or at some point, you might have thought about it, and why not it looks so cool. Well if wise to use guns in the Minecraft universe then Tech Guns will be a good option for you. You will get various options of guns in Minecraft after using Tech Guns and will be able to defeat your enemy easily.

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3. MineColonies

Using MineColonies players will be able to create their own towns and building. And the best part is that you will be the one who controls the town. Enhance your imagination and leadership skills with this awesome Minecraft Automation Mods. Use your creativity as much as you can and create the imaginary and unique town that you want.

4. Industrial Craft 2

If you love engineering or get fascinated with all those engineering works then this awesome Industrial Craft 2 is the best mod for you. Industrial Craft 2 will bring some great concepts of engineering into your Minecraft universe. You might find it hard to use it at first but you will get used to it and it can be your best Minecraft Automation Mods.

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5. Immersive Engineering

Now last but not least we have Immersive Engineering. It’s really useful and a great automation mod for players to lessen their burden. Various powerful machines will be available to the players with this mod. Using those machines it would be pretty easy to mine ore or dig the ground and much more.

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