Minecraft 1.20 Update: Release Date, New Features and More

Minecraft 1.20 Update
20/02/2023/ Minecraft 1.20 Update / Credits – Minecraft.net

This year, Mojang has decided to take a different approach. With the division of 1.19 into The Cave and Cliffs Update and The Wild Update, Mojang decided to collaborate with the community to create the Minecraft 1.20 Update. Mojang has chosen the theme, but neither they have given it a name nor disclosed all of the new features. Instead, they want to make sure that this update is even more “Minecraftier” than before by soliciting community input at every stage of the process.

The Minecraft Community has, as usual, reacted negatively to the emphasis on community interaction. For instance, their community page is horribly out of date, and Twitter seems to be the only viable option for community involvement.

Mojang revealed their brand-new game, Minecraft Legends, which contributes to the Minecraft canon and may have an impact on the 1.20 release, at the same live event.

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Minecraft 1.20 Update

  • The third season of Minecraft Legends and Dungeons was announced during the fantastic Minecraft Live event, which was broadcast on Saturday, October 15. Nevertheless, the presentation didn’t reveal anything about the next Minecraft 1.20 release.
  • Agnes Larsson, the game’s director, stated that Mojang will instead collaborate with the public to create a nostalgic and relevant update for all players. Agnes stated the following to begin the section.
  • Agnes is referring to the earlier Caves and Cliffs upgrade, which had to be split into two halves because of missed objectives and difficult coding.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

We anticipate seeing these additions somewhere between June and July 2023, however, the full Minecraft 1.20 upgrade has no name or set release date as of yet.

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These new functionalities will be accessible shortly in the next snapshots, according to Agnes. So, we no longer have to wait months for these new advancements to appear in Minecraft 1.20 snapshots and beta versions.

Minecraft 1.20 Update New Features

Update on The Jungle update on the Deep Dark Dimension? Update on the Desert So, the name of Minecraft 1.20 is presently undetermined! Hence, we’ll refer to Minecraft 1.20 as the nameless update until Mojang gives it a name at a later time.

While additional features are still in development, Mojang stated that there is no name at the Minecraft Live event in 2022. The public will be able to test new features when they are made available through snapshots. By doing this, Mojang will have the ability to modify the updates in response to user comments.

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It might not be a terrible idea to collaborate with the Minecraft community. While Mojang cannot directly adopt features and suggestions from the community, providing screenshots and photographs and soliciting input are excellent steps in the right direction. Also, it’s possible that Minecraft 1.20 is the first update in a while to incorporate additions that the bulk of the community has been requesting.

For instance, as we’ll cover later, camels were included in the game as a response to community requests for additional mounts and to give PvE benefits.

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