List of the Free Fire New Characters 2024

Free Fire new characters 2024
Free Fire new characters 2024 include an exclusive set of abilities, such as spider trap, bleeding effect, riptide rhythm, and purple wave. | Credit: Free Fire.

Free Fire is a battle royale game with great visual and action-packed gameplay experiences. The game continuously introduces new material to enhance the thrill and excitement. It involves several exclusive items and rewards such as new outfits and weapon skins. Alongside, it launches various new characters in the game with dynamic abilities. This year, many new characters jump into the Free Fire Max. The articles break out all the best Free Fire new characters and their abilities.

The characters play an important role in the game. Because their potential and skills have players to level up in the game. Each character has their own respective set of strengths or weaknesses. So, use them according to different in-game situations. Below we listed all the new characters that you can pick based on your gameplay style and conditions.

Free Fire New Characters 2024

This game contains a large number of characters. According to Garena Free Fire’s official site 40+ characters available in 2024. Which is awesome! All the characters make this game more popular in the gaming industry. Players can grab, unlock, and play as many characters as they want. List of the New Characters in Free Fire:

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A 16-year-old teenager’s genius inventory is added to the list of Free Fire new characters 2024. The character’s mind is filled with creative inventions. His rationality & knowledge surely amaze you. Move to its skills and power which includes Spider Trap help to catch the enemies within a distance of 5m. Another one is Bleeding effects.


The Fire Unstoppable Force teenager character is full of fire. If opponents trying to surpass it suffer from the terrible effect of combustion. This powerful character contains the ability to create the Wall of Fire. Which extends within 10m and lasts for 8 seconds on the battleground.

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It is the vengeful beast with exclusive abilities to kill the enemies in the Free Fire. Allows players to use Purple Wave, which replaces the EP with protection in the form of a red gaseous ball. This will consume energy for the immune and absorb the opponent’s life for a particular duration.


The younger brother of Shirou deals with the feelings of betrayal and love for the family. Enter into the Free Fire with speedy powers known as Rebel Rush. This allows players to move rapidly on the battleground. Players can use it unlimited times.


The Free Fire new characters 2024 list also includes Sonia who comes with a style outfit. Every character has some abilities such as automatically activating features. This means on the battlefield it allows players to save from enemies’ attacks by creating a shield for 3 seconds. One disadvantage is that it required 180 seconds to cooldown.

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The interesting character holding the CEO position in the largest entertainment company. The hottest pop singer is known for his special survival ability – Riptide Rhythm. It unleashed a sonic wave forward to demand the damages of 5 Gloo Walls within 100m. And each Gloo Wall deployed will cause 9 HP recovery.


Above all the Free Fire new characters 2024 are mentioned. Players can choose them according to the gameplay demand and utilize all their abilities to conquer the battleground. Each character has their own unique set of skills and potential. And these things will separate them. Along with that characters carry different outfits and looks. This is the best part of the Free Fire characters. So, grab, explore, and win the challenges now!