Free Fire New Patch Comes with New Character And Other Exciting Updates!

Yes, The Chaos Event brings the new character, does character rework, and their balance adjustment. If you are someone who is waiting for this update, so, your is over. A new character is introduced in this New Patch update. And these will surely loved by the Free Fire users. Alongside you can see the upgrade in the combat trait – In this, you can pick a suitable combat trait according to your fighting style through which you can obtain more items and increase combat powers too. 

Move to the Free Fire Chaos Event in which you can cast votes to choose your favorite Chaos into the Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) Battlefields. As there is the release of new Chaos for the players in-game. In the air route, introduced ‘Runaway Plane’ due to an airplane crash in the Battle Royale Battlefield. Replacement of some Mushrooms by new cyber mushrooms to get various buffs. Others replace the vending machine items with several active Skill Cards, Portal Gos, and more. In BR and CS you also see an unusual change.

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Free Fire
New Patch: Free Fire Chaos Event brings the new character and more latest updates. | Credit: Free Fire.

Free Fire New Patch Introduce New Character

New Character – ‘Ryden’ is a 16-year-old new teenager genius inventory. His rationality and knowledge are no less than the others. Now, this little Suzy bother is going to conquer the Battlefields, by using his creative inventions. One is Spider Trap which catches enemies within the 5m. The bleeding effects are run for 3s and the cooldowns – 75s.

Combat Trait Upgrades 

In Free Fire, players can now choose their desirable combat trait based on their play style. It is definitely for all the users as it helps to win on the battlefield. This new option increases the excitement level of long-time, average, and new players. When these new features are live, players will enter the matcher with combat traits other than the old loadout. There are five new combat traits, players can choose one from them before entering into the match. It includes three levels with each level you can get all items given at that level. 

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To level up their traits players have to participate in various ongoing activities like moving, helping teammates, enemy elimination, healing, etc. And by Clash Squad mode players get a modest experience in each level, which helps in combat trait development. 

If you think about the old loadout – which will not be active during the time of using the new Combat Trait. As it is restored after the experience of these new traits is ended. 

Character Rework In Free Fire New Patch

With the Free Fire new patch update, there are character rework is done. One of them is Sonia who doesn’t match the player’s exception, so they eliminate the revival feature and retrain the final act of defiance of her. Santino – contains a unique edge of teleportation, yet does not stand out on the battlefield. So, there is work up on that to increase its value. And in this list powerhouse Orian also takes place. 

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All these Free Fire new patch updates definitely level up the game, and excites the players. The upgrade feature helps the players to improve their gaming style in-game. Now, introducing this new character will make the player too. Wholly, these latest changes make users more and more powerful by giving them thrilling experiences. Go, and try all the new combat traits and see the upgraded characters too.