List of New Weapons and Augments Updates in Fortnite x Futurama Collaboration

The Fortnite x Futurama has brought in some new weapons and augments to use.

Fortnite x Futurama
Fortnite x Futurama  (image via. Fortnite)

Fortnite has collaborated once again with a new brand, and the beloved 2D cartoon Futurama has finally arrived in Fortnite. With the collaboration arriving today, the game has also received some new weapons and augments that you can pick up when playing a match. Here are all the Fortnite x Futurama weapons and augments and a in-depth look at what each of them does.

Futurama is a fun little show, and the collaboration brings about many skins and weapons from it. There will be unique skins in the shop featuring Futurama characters, where Philip, Bender, and Leela will be getting skins, along with the start of a new Crew Pack for August. Along with this there are two brand new weapons and also two new augments to boost your weapon damage.

Fortnite X Futurama: New Weapons and Augments

YouTube: PIZO

Fortnite x Futurama has brought in several new aspects to the dying Wilds update. Wilds has had a disappointing run, as the features killed off the excitement very severely in the last month. However, with the new update today, there will certainly be a spike in player levels before Season 4 releases.

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Fortnite will receive several new items in-game, but the two weapons are the most interesting. One is called the Mammoth Pistol and the other is Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun.

The Mammoth Pistol is a high-damage, single-shot pistol that can be used to instantly finish off opponents without a shield and on low health. However, the downside being the low fire-rate which makes missing a shot very unrewarding in a battle. However, for players who are confident in their aim, this weapon can be quite lethal. Moreover, players need to be aware that this gun uses heavy ammo, so be sure to stack up on that. You can find it from chests and drops on the whole island.

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However, the most interesting addition is the Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. This is a laser gun with unlimited ammo, which also does decent damage. It is a mythic item which can only be obtained from the Bender NPC or from special loots. It is a very strong weapon, but it is balanced by its tendency to overheat quickly if used for too long.


There are also two brand new augments that have been introduced. Augments help you to enhance your base stats, reload, gun performance and more. Therefore, Augments can definitely make or break your Victory Royale.

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The two new Augments are as follows:

  • Pistol Recycle – Pistols have a chance to not cost ammo. (33% Chance)
  • Scoped Salvo – Scoped weapons deal increased damage but have decreased fire rate. (15% Increased Damage, 15% lower firerate)

You can access these by selecting them when they appear throughout the game.

The Fortnite x Futurama update is looking great as of now, and Epic only needs to keep adding more great content to make it relevant till the next patch.

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