Leaks reveal Fortnite will be collaborating with Call of Duty this December 2023

The Fortnite x Call of Duty collaboration is rumored to release later this year during December.

Fortnite x Call of Duty
Call of Duty (image via. Activision)

Fortnite is no stranger to grand collaborations between them and other major games or brands. Nike 2023 was one of the major collaborations, and news of many others have the community riled up. The most intriguing is the collaboration between Fortnite and Call of Duty which is rumored to arrive in December 2023.

Leakers and Data Miners are always leaking major features that will be arriving in the game. These leaks are often true, as players can see the release in a new patch. However, the collaboration between two top shooter games is something special. Call of Duty is no new name in the shooter genre, as the game has dominated the arena alongside others like PUBG, Valorant, and Fortnite. But even though the collaboration has been leaked, it is not sure if the information is legitimate.

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Fortnite x Call of Duty collaboration: When will it arrive?

YouTube: TCaptainX

Call of Duty is a property of Blizzard, and the new acquisition deal makes it a part of Microsoft as well. The collaboration between CoD and Fortnite seems to be a reward for the new CoD. However, it is a long time till December, so we can see the updates till then to be sure.

The collaboration has been leaked on many profiles of data miners, and is rumored to arrive sometime in December 2023. This might be the first collaboration as the game enters a new Chapter, after the fragment of the island in Chapter 4. Major events generally arrive during the start of a new Chapter, so it will not be surprising if that was the case. Although the timing has been released, take everything with a grain of salt. There is a small chance that the news doesn’t provide to be fruitful at all. Keep an eye out on social media for further news on this matter.

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What will the collaboration contain?

Collaboration between games generally means either characters or weapons getting introduced in Fortnite. There can also be cosmetics like back packs, gliders, and even pickaxes. However, since this is a collaboration between two shooters, there will most likely be some awesome weapon skins, more particularly gun skins.

There might also be a character skin in the shop or event rotation, but that’s as far as events can go. It is not sure yet, if the linkup will result in a special event in-game of not.

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