Apex Legends Season 19: Post Malone Collaboration Event

Post Malone
03/11/2023 | Get ready for mayhem as Post Malone collaborates with Apex Legends in the biggest event yet. New skins, limited-time mode, and much more! | Credits: Apex Legends

Get ready for the biggest collaboration in Apex Legends history, as Post Malone partners with the game to bring new cosmetics and a limited-time mode. In an unprecedented collaboration, Apex Legends is teaming up with music superstar Post Malone for a two-week event filled with mayhem and excitement. This event is set to kick off on November 7th and run until November 21st, offering players a chance to experience something truly unique in the world of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends x Post Malone Event

Introducing the “Iconic” Skin Tier

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the introduction of the “Iconic” skin tier, represented by a distinctive teal colour in the game. These special skins are available for some of the most popular legends in Apex Legends, including Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and Lifeline. What makes these skins truly remarkable is that they have been created in collaboration with Post Malone himself, drawing inspiration from his iconic style.

Players can expect to see Wraith sporting her own version of Post Malone’s distinctive face tattoos, while Octane’s swagger reaches new heights with this unique event skin. These “Iconic” skins add a touch of the music superstar’s flair to the Apex Legends universe.

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Additional Cosmetics and Stickers

In addition to the “Iconic” skins, the event will also feature a range of additional cosmetics for weapons, as well as event-themed stickers. Players can earn up to three Legendary stickers by unlocking all 20 event-themed stickers that become available on November 7th.

This event promises to deliver a wealth of customization options and rewards for dedicated Apex Legends players. These cosmetics and stickers offer a fun and engaging way for players to personalize their in-game experience.

Unlocking Free Cosmetics

To make the event even more exciting, players will have the opportunity to unlock free cosmetics through a rewards shop. This system is reminiscent of the compute nodes used in Season 17, where players need to earn “Camo Credits” by completing daily challenges. These credits can then be spent in the rewards shop to acquire skins, banners, battle pass levels, and more.

This rewards shop system adds an extra layer of depth and progression to the event, allowing players to earn coveted items without spending a dime.

Introducing the “Three Strikes” Limited Time Mode

In a thrilling twist, the Apex Legends x Post Malone event brings with it a brand-new limited-time mode called “Three Strikes.” This mode offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience for Apex Legends enthusiasts.

“Three Strikes” lives up to its name, offering each player a total of three chances to prove their mettle in the game. The mode reimagines the usual “hot drop” experience by allowing players to stay in the game even after their team is eliminated.

In this mode, players who are eliminated are given a chance to return to the action, complete with all their loot, including attachments, armour (with Evo progression), and inventory intact. This unique twist adds a new level of excitement to the game, as players are granted two additional opportunities to stay in the fight.

Rules of the “Three Strikes” Mode

The “Three Strikes” mode has some specific rules that make it stand out from traditional Apex Legends gameplay. In this mode, players cannot finish downed enemies, rendering downed players truly invincible, without any timer for when they will be eliminated. This twist opens up unique opportunities for players to make strategic plays and crawl to safety when needed.

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Furthermore, the mode features rapid revives, taking just two seconds to get players back in the game with around 70HP. This feature adds a new layer of intensity to the matches, as players can quickly rejoin the battle and turn the tide of a firefight.

Final Zones and Late-Game Dynamics

While the “Three Strikes” mode introduces exciting changes to early and mid-game dynamics, Respawn has also considered late-game scenarios. To prevent squads from flying in during the final zones as the Round 6 ring closes in, the strikes functionality will be disabled as the late game approaches. This modification ensures that late-game situations remain fair and competitive, with all players starting on a level playing field.

The Apex Legends x Post Malone collaboration event promises to be an action-packed, memorable experience for players. With “Three Strikes” mode and the introduction of the “Iconic” skin tier, there’s plenty to look forward to. So gear up, drop into the action, and enjoy two weeks of beautiful mayhem in the world of Apex Legends.

Don’t forget to add “Too Cool to Die” to your playlist and get ready for some intense matches in this exciting collaboration event!

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