ISO Valorant Guide: Tips, Tricks, Abilities and Strategies

Iso Valorant
06/11/2023 | Learn how to master ISO Valorant with our comprehensive guide. Discover tips, tricks, abilities, and strategies for this unique agent. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant’s Episode 3, Act 2, introduced a new agent named ISO. Although he has a visually appealing design, his gameplay and role in the game are quite niche. ISO is not a traditional duelist and doesn’t excel in overextension and taking space independently. This guide will provide an in-depth look at ISO’s abilities, strategies, and how to effectively use him on both attack and defence.

ISO Valorant Abilities

ISO has a unique set of abilities that can be utilized strategically:

  • Q: Undercut – ISO sends out a Molecular Bolt that applies the “Fragile” debuff, doubling the damage taken by the affected enemies. It can penetrate through walls and affects both enemies and allies. ISO has two charges of this ability.
  • E: Double Tap – When activated, ISO generates an energy orb upon getting a kill. Shooting the energy orb creates a shield around ISO, capable of absorbing one instance of damage. He has two charges for this ability.
  • C: Contingency – This ability creates a narrow, bullet-blocking barrier. ISO has only one charge for Contingency.
  • X: Kill Contract – ISO’s Ultimate ability is a 1v1 duel against an opponent caught in the line of fire. It requires seven Ultimate points to activate and lasts for 50 seconds.
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ISO Valorant Attacker Side Strategies

ISO is most effective on the attacking side, especially when paired with Initiator agents like Sova and Skye. These Initiators can provide flash and information simultaneously, allowing ISO to enter sites and clear them effectively. Here are some attacker-side strategies for ISO:

  • Start with Double Tap to generate energy orbs.
  • Use Undercut to apply the “Fragile” debuff to vulnerable enemies.
  • Utilize Contingency to block common angles.
  • Combine ISO’s abilities for maximum effectiveness.
  • Post-plant, use your utility to delay retakes.
  • ISO’s Ultimate can isolate and stall key enemy agents.

ISO Valorant Defensive Side Strategies

On the defensive side, ISO Valorant can shine when paired with a stable Sentinel agent. He excels at delaying and reducing enemy numbers. Some defensive strategies for ISO include:

  • Hold aggressive angles and use abilities to control choke points.
  • Combine Contingency with your team’s retake strategy.
  • Use your Ultimate to stall and isolate enemies.
  • Counter post-plant utility with ISO’s abilities.
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Tips and Tricks for ISO Valorant

Here are some useful tips and tricks to maximize ISO’s potential in Valorant:

  • During pistol rounds, consider buying a single charge of Double Tap and invest the remaining credits in other abilities.
  • Combine Undercut with eco weapons like the Judge or Marshall to deal damage during eco rounds.
  • Use ISO’s Ultimate from a safe spot, as you spawn back in the same location.
  • Combine Undercut with lineups during post-plant situations to quickly eliminate defusing enemies.

ISO is a unique and situational agent in Valorant. While he may not fit the traditional duelist role, his abilities offer strategic possibilities on both attack and defence. By understanding his kit and leveraging his strengths, players can make the most of ISO in competitive play.

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