Is Street Fighter 6 DLC Worth the Investment?

street fighter 6 dlc
Street fighter 6 dlc

Capcom is currently working on Street Fighter 6, a new fighting game, and plans to release it. The sixth and most important installment in the Street Fighter series is scheduled for release on June 2, 2023. It will be available for platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One X/S. In addition, Taito will release a video game edition later that year.

The most recent Street Fighter 6 presentation was unveiled by Capcom on April 20. It gave us an up-to-date look at the game’s many settings and surprised us with a demo version; unfortunately, PC fans are going to have to endure another week before they are able to play it. It has been earlier rumored that four of the game’s original DLC characters would be added to the franchise during that period, even though the whole game won’t be released for another six weeks.

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Street Fighter 6: DLC characters

There will be separate releases for Rashid, Ed, and Akuma towards the end of the summer and the beginning of next year. There is very little information available about each and every character at the moment. The narrative mode of Street Fighter 6 will incorporate these details. As a result, the players will gain some background knowledge about each of the unique characters and will be able to master some of their skills.

There is no information available on how Street Fighter 6 will monetize DLC fighters. There will undoubtedly be a normal season pass available, as well as the choice to buy each of the fighters separately. However, Street Fighter 5 included a unique system wherein players could scrape up a significant sum of in-game cash to buy periodic fighters. It wasn’t going to get you all the characters from the five seasons. Even though it didn’t give access to every character, it proved to be an interesting alternative to just taking your cash.

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Street Fighter Release:


Battle Ground, Global Tour, and Combat Hub are the three main game types in Street Fighter 6. Combat Ground features 2D combat action that is similar to that of the other games in the collection. It is done with two fighters using a range of strikes and special powers to wipe out the other player. This is done in regional as well as global versus match, instruction, and adrenaline styles.

In Street Fighter 6, an entirely novel option allows for real-time commentary from English or Japanese analysts. It gives the game a more tournament-like atmosphere. It also gives fans the choice to support their favorite players. There are eight different reporters, four from each of the two forms of commentary: game-by-game analysis and colored commentary, the latter of which is optional.

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It will be released on April 26 for desktop PCs to give Street Fighter 6 a try. The game is scheduled to go on sale on June 2. The DLC characters and their release dates are listed below.

DLC characters for Street Fighter 6 from Year 1:

  • Summer 2023: Rashid
  • Ed: Winter/Early 2024
  • A.K.I., Autumn 2023
  • Spring of 2024, Akuma


The next entry in the Capcom fighting brand will grow over the upcoming months and years as a long-term project. Everyone anticipates this tactic. During the Street Fighter presentation, the Japanese company announced that the first release of the video game will feature four premium fighters.

Despite the fact that each of these characters can be purchased separately, those who purchase the season pass will have access to all of them. The original roster of 18 fighters will be expanded by four more for the Global Tour.