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PMGC 2022
20/12/2022/ PMGC 2022

The final date has been announced for the PMGC event. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 will take place in the first few months of that year. And teams from all of the game’s versions will be given slots after winning their respective regional competitions. According to some reports, PMGC finals will start from the date of January 23, 2023. Fans are invited to attend. Up until December 21st, there will be a special early bird discount of 50%, and all ticket levels will come with a special 2022 PMGC cheer stick and wristband.

The tournament will follow the same procedures and guidelines as in prior years. The winning team will get the amount of $4 million as the prize. While the prize money for the Global Championship has always been quite large, it has slightly decreased this year. This year’s PMGC prize pool totals $4 million. Even while it is less than the enormous prize pool of $6 million from the previous year, it still represents a significant sum for players and their teams.

PMGC Slots

In the first PMGC, Chinese teams were given two slots; the number was increased to three the following year. It will be increased once again this year to make room on the main PUBG Mobile Esports stage for four Chinese teams.

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Under the new qualification process, the PEL 2022 Summer champion will be given a direct invite to the PMGC Grand Finals. While invites to take part in league play will be extended to the second and third-placed clubs. The remaining 18 teams will compete for the remaining berth.

PMGC Timing

A new PMGC champion will be crowned in front of 4,000 spectators at the Jakarta International Expo, making this moment in PUBG MOBILE Esports history. On January 6–8, commencing at 10:45 am (UTC+0), the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals will be live-streamed on the official PUBG MOBILE Esports Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels.

Sony’s Xperia, the Official Smartphone Partner for the 2022 PMGC, will make sure that each competitor gives it everything they’ve got. Additionally, as PUBG MOBILE recently announced, Prime Gaming is thrilled to serve as a Platinum Sponsor for the 2022 PMGC. Fans of PUBG MOBILE will receive free stuff from Prime Gaming via twice-weekly in-game drops.

PMGC Finals Place

The top 16 teams will compete at the PMGC Finals in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2022 for the top prize. Nova Esports, the winners in 2020 and 2021, will compete for a third title this year. Additional fierce rivals include the Thai groups 4 Angry Men, Buriram United Esports, and Vampire Esports. Two Mongolian teams, GodLike Stalwart and IHC Esports will also attempt to provide ferocious opposition.

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The Grand Finals Fan Favorite awards have been created by the officials, just like the League Stage. The teams who place in the top 3 fan favorites will receive a total of $18,000. The prize money is $8,000 for the winners and $5,000 apiece for the first and second-place finishers. From December 19 until January 8, 2023, players and fans can use an in-game voting mechanism to select their favorite teams.

PMGC 2022 Group Stage Prize Pool Distribution

  1. $90K – Finals
  2. $85K – Finals
  3. $80K – Finals
  4. $22K – Survival Stage
  5. $21K – Survival Stage
  6. $20K – Survival Stage
  7. $19K – Survival Stage
  8. $18K – Survival Stage
  9. $17K – Survival Stage
  10. $16K – Survival Stage
  11. $15K – Survival Stage
  12. $14K – Eliminated
  13. $13K – Eliminated
  14. $12K – Eliminated
  15. $11K – Eliminated
  16. $10K – Eliminated

Total – $436k

PMGC 2022 Survival Stage Prize Pool Distribution

24 qualifying teams will compete in the survival round, which will take place from November 30 to December 2, for 16 spots in the last round, called the Last Chance. One of four spots in the PMGC Grand Finals will be up for grabs in The Last Chance.

  1. $26K – Last Chance
  2. $25K – Last Chance
  3. $24K – Last Chance
  4. $23K – Last Chance
  5. $22K – Last Chance
  6. $21K – Last Chance
  7. $20K – Last Chance
  8. $19K – Last Chance
  9. $18K – Last Chance
  10. $17K – Last Chance
  11. $16K – Last Chance
  12. $15K – Last Chance
  13. $14K – Last Chance
  14. $13K – Last Chance
  15. $12K – Last Chance
  16. $11K – Last Chance
  17. $10K – Eliminated
  18. $9K – Eliminated
  19. $8K – Eliminated
  20. $7K – Eliminated
  21. $6K – Eliminated
  22. $5K – Eliminated
  23. $4K – Eliminated
  24. $3K – Eliminated
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Total – $348k

PMGC 2022 Last Chance Round Prize Pool Distribution

Only 16 teams will compete in these 12 matches, with the top 16 teams from the survival stage round moving on to the last chance round. The event will only take two days, and only the top five teams from this table will advance to the grand finals.

  1. $27K
  2. $25K
  3. $23K
  4. $22K
  5. $21K
  6. $20K
  7. $19K
  8. $18K
  9. $17K
  10. $16K
  11. $15K
  12. $14K
  13. $13K
  14. $12K
  15. $11K
  16. $10K


Total – $283k

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