How to Play as Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2

Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2
15/05/2023/ Play as Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 / Credits – Activision Blizzard

The finest first-person shooter game right now is Overwatch 2. This game was expertly developed by Blizzard Entertainment, who are also constantly working on updates.

A brand-new character with special skills named Lifeweaver will appear in Overwatch 2. Lifeweaver is a healer and comes with a kit that you may use to heal your allies. Mercy and the Lifeweaver character are comparable. Let’s talk about the character’s tips and techniques for using Lifeweaver to the fullest. The character has a variety of abilities that you may utilize, and it will perform perfectly.

Lifeweaver Abilities

With the use of the Lifeweaver’s unique ability, you may heal teammates while actively engaging in combat with enemies.

Healing Blossom

Using Healing Blossom to heal a teammate requires holding the charge, releasing it to the person you want to heal, and then hitting them with the healing blow. His health will rise as soon as you reach the healing burst, and each hit will restore a large portion of that health.

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Thorn Volley

When using a thorn volley, you can shoot your opponent quickly and it will spread projectiles that will be effective in taking out the opponent.

Petal Platform

You may easily ascend upward by walking on the Petal Platform. To utilize it, simply throw it; it will transform into a platform.

Rejuvenating Dash

While you are engaged in combat with the enemy, this will assist you in light healing, your health will start to improve a little.

Life Grip

This is the character’s finest skill since you can use it to drag a teammate to a safe place. To safeguard your mate while travelling, you can utilize this and transport them to a separate place.

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Parting Gift

Anybody may utilize this gift box, which it drops as soon as it dies, to heal an ally or an enemy.

Tree of Life

You can use this ability to plant a tree, which will aid in the healing of your allies. As it lives, it continuously heals allies.

Tips and Tricks for Using Lifeweaver

  • The Lifeweaver character has a wide range of skills, so take advantage of them for the best possible gameplay. You are your team’s game-changing support character, and by employing your skills, your comrades will get the upper hand.
  • The coolest feature is that you can use Life Grip to strike and heal teammates while also moving them to a safe location. Because you are a support hero, your allies can rely on you to heal them when they are in need by using your Tree of Life and Healing Blossom abilities.
  • You may go upward by using the Petal Platform, which is highly useful when your opponent is moving uphill. The character is a comprehensive support role that the player can choose.
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Written by: Ankit Dasbabu

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