How To Make Smiley Face Crosshair in Valorant? With Steps in Detail

Among Us crosshair valorant

Valorant is an online 5 vs 5 character-based games. Players like to use fancy crosshairs in it. To know more about how to make Smiley Face Crosshair in Valorant, follow up this article till the end.

Are The Fancy Crosshairs Good In Valorant?

There is no good and bad crosshair in Valorant. It is up to players whether they feel comfortable with a crosshair or not. Players should use the crosshairs they are comfortable with because if they can’t control fancy crosshairs, it will affect their kills. So it is preferred to use the crosshair which helps them to get high frags.

Smiley Face Crosshair Settings in Valorant

smiley face crosshair in valorant
Smiley Face Crosshair in Valorant

In Smiley Face Crosshair, it is preferred to keep the color black and white or yellow and green. It’s up to you which color you want in your crosshair.

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General Settings For Smiley Face Crosshair in Valorant

Colour  –  Any colors of your choice (We recommend black and white or yellow and green to make it look like an original smiley)

  • Outlines – ON
  • Outline Opacity – 1
  • Outline Thickness – 2

Center Dot Settings:

  1. Center Dot – On
  2. Opacity – 0
  3. Thickness – 3

Inner Line Settings for Smiley Face Crosshair in Valorant

  • Show Inner Lines –  On

For Inner Lines:

  1. Opacity –  1
  2. Length –  2
  3. Thickness –  10
  4. Offset –  2
  • Movement Error  –  Off
  • Firing Error Off
  • Outer LinesOff

Using these settings, you can get a smiley face crosshair in Valorant. You can keep any color but the recommended one will look good.

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Best Crosshair Settings in Valorant

  • Colour – Whichever you want
  • Outlines – OFF
  • Center dot – On/1/4
  • Inner lines – OFF
  • Outer lines – 0/0/0/0
  • Fade/movement/firing error – Off/Off/Off

This is the best ever crosshair setting in Valorant. It will help you to focus only on enemies and won’t get distracted. Only the center dot will be easy for aiming.

You can also check out Scream’s Valorant Settings for his Crosshair and Keybinds here.

Among Us Crosshair Settings in Valorant

among us crosshair valorant

We have also discussed the Among Us Crosshair in Valorant before. But here are the settings once again.

General Settings

  • Color – We suggest red, but you can keep whichever color you like.
  • Outlines – Off
  • Center Dot – On
  • Opacity (Center Dot) – 1
  • Thickness (Center Dot) – 3

Inner Lines Settings

  • Show Inner Line – On
  • Opacity – 1
  • Length – 1
  • Thickness – 6
  • Offset – 3

Outer Lines Settings

  • Show Outer Lines – Off
  • Movement Error – Off
  • Firing Error – Off

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