How to get the Predicament Pals Spray in Valorant?

The Predicament Pals Spray introduces Gekko in a cute Chibi manner.

Predicament Pals Spray
Amazon Prime rewards (image via. Valorant)

Valorant cosmetics are often very hard to come-by for a free-to-play player. The in-game store definitely offers some great skins and bundles, but at a cost. Players need to spend money in order to buy the premium currency, which in turn unlocks the skins and battle passes. However, some skins can be obtained for free. This is how you can get the Predicament Pals Spray in Valorant easily.

Cosmetics form a big part in Valorant, as players love to don exquisite skins or have unique gizmos to show their personalities and creativity. This is why cosmetics are very sought after in every scenario. Getting a free cosmetic is great, but players can rarely get them from legitimate sources. Therefore, when you can get one, do not miss the chance!

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Predicament Pals Spray in Valorant Amazon Prime

YouTube: ValorRecon

Amazon Prime has had a collaboration with Valorant for a long time now, as every month users can claim some form of free gifts. This time they have brought forward a rather cute Spray.

Sprays are used in Valorant to express yourself without saying a word. These come in versions of Chibi characters doing or indicating something. However, to get them, players need to rely majorly on the Battle pass, Night market or the rotating Shop. Introducing this emote Riot said, “Best friends stick together… no matter how awkward things get.” Moreover, this is a reactive emote which means it will move when used.

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This is available for free for all users who are a member of Amazon Prime Gaming. Players have also pointed out that this is a decent sticker and worth it to get. Featuring the character Gekko and his pet, this Chibi spray is a must get.

How to get the Spray?

To get the spray in Valorant, players need to make sure that they have an Amazon Account first, and then a subscription to Amazon Prime. If you do not have that, you can make one right now in order to claim the rewards for this month. But fret not, you have until August 23 to claim the rewards.

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If you have the subscription you can simply go to the Prime Gaming official website for Valorant in order to claim the spray. Click on the ‘Get in-game content’ option and link your Prime Account to your Valorant Account to finalize the reward. The spray will be automatically added to your Valorant account.

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