How to Get Free Jock Shock Bundle in Free Fire MAX

Get Free Jock Shock Bundle in Free Fire MAX
25/02/2023/ Get Free Jock Shock Bundle in Free Fire MAX / Credits – Garena

Free Fire MAX’s Chroma Futura-themed events have officially started, and they’re a terrific way to get in-game freebies. One of the most recent additions to the battle royale game, “Chroma Cards,” has the whole community talking.

The main cause of all the excitement surrounding the Chroma Cards event is the inclusion of a special costume bundle, the Jock Shock Bundle. To obtain an amazing costume that will improve the appearance of male in-game characters, interested gamers need just follow the producers’ simple instructions.

Get a Free Jock Shock Bundle in Free Fire MAX

Beginning on February 24th, 2023, the Chroma Cards event will run in Free Fire MAX until March 10th, 2023. Players just need to gather a certain quantity of the following cards for this event: Green Avatar, Blue Banner, Purple Motorcycle, Pink Bag, and Red Package.

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There are five phases to this event, and to go through each level, they must collect a certain amount of cards. For instance, at stage 1, they must obtain one card of each category. At stage 2, they must obtain two cards of each sort, and so on.

In essence, the cards may be collected by spinning the unique “Chroma Data Chip” tokens. The makers have put up a variety of activities for users to do, including playing games, taking down foes, causing damage, and more.

Players have the option to exchange/trade cards with their friends in addition to the standard methods, which should substantially aid in meeting these requirements quickly.

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Steps to Get Free Jock Shock Bundle in Free Fire MAX

Follow the instructions below to receive your rewards from the Chroma Cards event in Free Fire MAX. If you have succeeded in meeting the requirements:

  • Step 1: Launch Free Fire MAX on your mobile device, then navigate to the Chroma Cards event’s unique online event. To do this, choose the ensuing symbol from the lobby screen:
  • Step 2: To collect your gifts at each step, you must to on the middle container as soon as the event shows on your screen.

You can equip these things in the game’s Vault area after you’ve claimed them. The Profile tab may be used to equip the Avatar and Banner. The Vehicle tab for the motorcycle, the Collection tab for the backpack, and the Fashion tab for the bundle.

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