How to Get Fortnite PlayStation Plus Pack for Free

Get Fortnite PlayStation Plus Pack for Free
25/03/2023/ Get Fortnite PlayStation Plus Pack for Free / Image via moroesports

Players of Fortnite on PlayStation have long received unique cosmetic items from Epic Games. By purchasing a PlayStation Plus pack subscription, you can get them. These cosmetics are scarce, notwithstanding the benefits of the subscription. Whatever the case, gamers are eager to obtain them when they do appear.

Fortnite PlayStation Plus Pack

There is absolutely no catch to receiving the PlayStation Plus Chilling Surprise Gear Bundle for free. This pack may be obtained by players without having to pay any cash or V-Bucks. Having said that, here’s how to do it:

  • Start the PlayStation.
  • Access the PlayStation Plus menu.
  • Start your free seven-day PlayStation Plus trial today.
  • After then, use the search function or game to hunt for the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack (it should appear as an add-on)
  • Claim it and relaunch the program (the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack should now be added to the in-game Locker)
  • Return to the PlayStation Plus menu after that to end the free seven-day trial.
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There is no need to take these actions if your subscription is currently active. To obtain the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack, just turn on the PlayStation, navigate to the shop or directly to the game depending on the generation of PlayStations being used

When will the next Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack go on sale?

There is no way to predict when the following PlayStation Plus Celebration Bundle will be available as of this writing. Most likely, a new one will be published in 2023, maybe in June or July. The trend that PlayStation has set over the previous few years will be followed here.

The first pack is released in February/March/April of each year, while the next three are released in June/July, September, and December. To help you envision things more clearly, here is a picture.

The upcoming Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack’s contents are unknown, it should be noted. Nevertheless, given that information about the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack was leaked before to its release on the PlayStation shop, it seems probable that users will be alerted well in advance.

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