What are the Uses for Plants introduced in Fortnite Wilds Update?

The Fortnite Wilds update has introduced three new plants in the game and here are its uses.

Fortnite Wilds Update
Fortnite Wilds Update (image via. Fortnite)

Fortnite Wilds Update came with the much anticipated Chapter 4 Season 3, and has introduced a jungle area on the map. With the new area, there are quite a few new interactable objects, NPCs, and also weapons. The primary focus of this update is to bring out the primal side of Fortnite, and new Animals and Plants have naturally been included.

There are a total of 3 new Plants that the players can interact with. We take a look at all the new Plants that have been introduced in the game along with their spawns and uses.

Plants in Fortnite Wilds Updates and their Uses

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The plants introduced in the Fortnite Wilds Update all have a specific use that can be of use in skirmishes. The three unique Plants have a mix of both damage and utility, making them a great way to turn fights into your favor if used properly.

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All the plants mentioned here only spawn in or around the Jungle biome of the map. The areas are Shady Stilts, Creeky Compound, and Rumble Ruins. All of the plants respawn after 15 seconds in their primary location as well. Without further ado lets get to their uses.

Slurp Plant

Fortnite Wilds : Slurp Plant
Fortnite Wilds : Slurp Plant (image via. progameguides.com)

The word Slurp is quite well-known to Fortnite players and this plant is exactly what you think it does. Players can break these plants using their pickaxes to heal or shield 25 HP or Shield. This also has an AOE effect, which means your whole squad can reap its benefits if they are in range.

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You can identify this plant from it bright blue color and vase-like shape.

Bomb Flower

 Bomb Flower
Bomb Flower in Fortnite (image via. progameguides.com)

Bomb Flowers are a great tool if you want to cause distractions or you want to launch sudden explosives on your enemies. With the name being a dead giveaway, players can hit this flower with their pickaxe which will result in it being thrown in the direction the players hits it. Upon touching the ground it will explode and deal 80 damage to any players, animals, structures, or NPCs in its range.

You can identify this flower from its bright pink color with a round thorny appearance.

Stink Flower

Fortnite Wilds: Stink Plant
Stink Plant in Fortnite (image via. tryhardguides.com)

The Stink Flower seems to be a successor to the Stink Bomb found in the past Fortnite update. It will fly in the direction the player hits it and upon landing, release a fog of toxic cloud that will chip away at the health of any player, animal, or NPC at 5 HP per tick. This flower ignores shields and can be a great thing to use in squad battles due to its AOE.

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You can identify this plant from its marsh green vase-like body.

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